Jhanak 17th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise as Jhanak Returns Home

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Shubh asks everyone to behave normally. Arshi asks if things are okay. He says yes. Bipasha asks about Anirudh. Arshi says I will call him. Tanuja says Arshi is Jhanak’s sister, and she should know about her. Jhanak left the house.

It is essential that we file a missing person report if anything goes wrong with Jhanak, as Anirudh will get trapped in the matter if anything goes wrong. Arshi asks, “Where did she go?” and “Have you filed a police complaint?” Shubh agrees. Appu says don’t go. If the police arrest Jhanak, then… Arshi agrees, if we go to the police, the police will find Jhanak and bring her back, are you prepared? Shubh says no. Appu says I want Jhanak back.

Shubh instructs Lal to file the complaint solo, while Arshi expresses her opinion that Jhanak resembles Urvashi, a lazy girl who expects everything without effort. Dadi wonders about the secret she must be hiding, as they have no information about her. Shubh comments that Jhanak was overwhelmed by the love shown to her. Anirudh and Chotan arrive with Jhanak, and Bipasha suggests they give them time alone while they focus on the party and invite their friends. Arshi argues this is more important, just as Chotan enters the room. Shubh inquires about the noise of a car, and Chotan informs him about Anirudh and Jhanak’s arrival.

Shubh asks what. Anirudh enters. He says you said you had a meeting. He says yes. Chotan says I also had a meeting today, I got a large order of books and took Jhanak with me. Dadi says you should have told us before. Chotan lies to them. Arshi asks why she took her bag. Anirudh says she was planning on going to your house. Jhanak says lie…

Arshi fixates her gaze upon Anirudh. Shubh inquires about the circumstances that led to bringing Anirudh here, and we would appreciate the truth. Jhanak suggests asking with kindness instead of yelling at her. However, he persists, demanding how she could utter such words. She confirms repeating what he had heard and asserts that it was not her desire to return, but she was coerced by Chotan while on her way to Tejas. She clarifies that she had no control over the situation, as she couldn’t return to Srinagar and didn’t want to cause trouble for Anirudh. Arshi interjects, pointing out that she has only added more chaos by coming here. Jhanak admits her regrets and shares that she had hoped Anirudh would listen to her, but unfortunately, he didn’t.

Dadi says I would have sent you to your husband. Anirudh got me to where I am. He didn’t listen to me, and he didn’t care what I wanted. I had that last option: I involved the police and created a drama on the road. He got me here, so I won’t lie anymore. Appu says I am at peace seeing you. I was so worried about you. It’s your family, not mine.

Shubh asks Anirudh to speak. Arshi asks him to tell them what he wants and why he got Jhanak back. He said okay. Chotan saw Jhanak at the bus stop, and she was heading to the hotel. He called me and informed me, I knew it, she didn’t want to stay here, it was Tejas’ plan, he tried to take Jhanak back to Kashmir, I knew what he would do with her, so I stopped her. According to Arshi, she is married, her husband cares for her, why do you worry about her so much?

He asks what do you think, Tejas would have let her stay with her husband, he would have killed her. She asks how do you know? You got all this information in two days. He says yes, I know Tejas well, so I got Jhanak here. Shubh asks what about the police. I decided to call them because Tejas was silent because of the police. I apologize if you think I did something wrong; Jhanak was in danger, so I did not watch the drama out of cowardice.

She went based on her own will, says Arshi. Rather than watching someone die, he says I have to save them from the fire if they jump into it by their own will. He argues with his family members. He says Jhanak’s husband cannot come. Arshi asks why. Jhanak is his wife. Why can’t he do this for her? He says he has no choice and he is helpless. Strangely, her husband fears Tejas, and Jhanak wants to surrender to him.

Anirudh agrees with her, stating that you should refrain from commenting due to your lack of understanding. Bipasha questions if her husband cannot come out because of fear and wonders what could have motivated her to go to Tejas. Shubh expresses concerns about the burden this situation will create and who will be responsible if something goes wrong. Anirudh turns to Arshi and asks her whether he made a mistake. He adds that if he had left Jhanak at the mercy of Tejas, she would have resented him for it. On hearing this, Arshi scolds Jhanak for instigating such a dramatic scenario and orders her to leave. She then turns to Anirudh and questions if he can protect himself and his family from Tejas’s wrath after saving Jhanak.

The precap:

Anirudh says he has the number and will send it. Arshi asks why he didn’t give it to us before. We will call him right away. Anirudh and Jhanak worry.

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