Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Armaan and Abhira’s Turbulent Day

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The Episode starts with Abhira thinking I had to see her face, he asked me to stay away from his matters, but he didn’t tell me, I won’t see her face. She goes. Manisha talks to Vidya. If Armaan cannot attend the function, should we take Abhira? Vidya says no, she isn’t Ruhi. Armaan recalls Abhira and Rohit. He takes Ruhi away. He gets a call. Rohit… Vidya asks why Armaan did not come.

Madhav says that perhaps there is no network so that he will come. She says you told Rohit the same thing. Did he come? Everyone says Armaan will come at some point. Vidya says my heart is restless. Manisha says call Goenkas, I think Armaan is with Ruhi. Manoj says you started again. Suwarna and Surekha call Ruhi’s friends and ask where she is. He gets Manoj’s call and asks if Ruhi came.

She said she would meet her friend, but she didn’t come. Manisha says no, she’s not at home. She says Ruhi and Armaan are not at home. Manoj jokes. She says she’s not joking, and something’s happening between them. Vidya hears this and scolds her. If Ruhi doesn’t come in an hour, Suwarna says we’ll go to the police station. Manish recalls asking Ruhi to stay back. Ruhi gets Armaan’s message. She says give me a day to decide.

The opening of an art gallery is planned. Ruhi suggests we take Suwarna along, and I have to see a friend. Facebook ends. Abhira returns home. Manoj says Abhira has arrived. Vidya asks Abhira, where is Armaan? You were with Armaan. I am scared. Tell me. Everyone asks her to say. Abhira says he went to his friend’s bachelor party. Manisha asks what. Vidya asks whose. Abhira says she called him, and he told me about Gaurav and Saurav’s party. Sanjay asks how you spoke to him.

I called Abhira, and she said maybe the network wasn’t working. Krish said you knew what happened there, so why did you let him go there? Abhira replied, yes, no tension, I trust Armaan, take a break. Vidya replied, no, I’ll rest once he comes back. Armaan and Ruhi come to the hospital. He asks about Rohit. The doctor tells him a person resembling your brother has been admitted and is severely injured. Armaan and Ruhi go there. He recalls Rohit and cries. Yeh Rishta…plays… He sees someone else.

Rohit’s arrival was long overdue. Outside, Ruhi overheard a father trying to comfort his daughter, who had lost her husband. “He will never return,” the man said softly. Immediately, Ruhi rushed to Armaan for comfort. Meanwhile, Abhira couldn’t stop thinking about Armaan, Ruhi, and the other girl from the note. “Everyone will suspect something,” she lamented. “I shouldn’t have mentioned the bachelor party. If only that girl knew we were sharing a bed, she might be upset.” She sighed and nervously nibbled at her nails.

When Dadi holds her hand, she explains how Sasuma made her stop biting her nails. She says you started lying. Tell me the truth about Armaan. Abhira says he is at Saurav’s bachelor party at Ruhaani Palace. Dadi says it is strange, all of us called and he is just talking to you. Abhira replies, “Of course, I’m his wife.”

Daddy says enough. I’m just tolerant of you because of Armaan. It’s okay to hide a husband’s affairs, but a wife should know what mistakes to hide and what to reform. They hear the car horn. Dadi says to come and meet him. Abhira goes. Manisha says Armaan has arrived. Smile now. Vidya runs and hugs him. He asks what happened. She says I was worried.

Armaan sees Abhira and says he went to my friend’s bachelor’s party. Dadi asks where you are, hoping to see if Armaan tells his wife the truth. When your phone wasn’t reachable, I was worried because I know you’ve grown up, but I’ll always think of you as a kid. He hugs her and says sorry. I’ll let you know before going out, and your son will always come back to you.

Armaan thinks of Rohit. Manoj says we can ask Abhira about him. She will know about him. Kajal says yes, always be happy. Madhav says it’s good he’s here. Kiara, Aryan and Krish tease Armaan. Vidya says let him rest. Everyone leaves. Armaan holds Abhira’s hand when Ruhi comes.


Abhira argues with Armaan. She says I saw you with your… He says she was my ex-girlfriend. Ruhi says you have won my heart back.

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