Mangal Lakshmi 21st March 2024 Written Update: Adit and Lakshmi Face Misunderstandings

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 21st March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Lakshmi tells Mangal that he saw Adit with a girl at the restaurant. Don’t worry too much. You might be with Somaiya if he has meetings, whether it’s a guy or a girl. Don’t doubt too much. She works with him, so she is with him at most meetings. Would he bring her home if there was anything? Lakshmi says it’s strange. Mangal says you think a lot. Don’t worry too much about me, and don’t doubt Adit.

Adit contacts Somaiya and expresses his discontent. He complains of the need for more vitality and personal space in this place. It’s as if I’m constantly being monitored here, he says, comparing it to a busy train station. We had planned to celebrate and cut a cake, but they ruined everything. Suddenly, Lakshmi knocked on his door. Ignoring her, she enters anyway. Adit is frustrated by both situations. As he sees Lakshmi, he is taken aback. “What are you doing in my room?” he asks in shock. “You should have knocked before entering someone else’s room,” he scolds her for her lack of manners and respect for privacy.

He says what do you want? She says I knocked, but you didn’t listen. She says I have to take table mats. He says take them and go. Lakshmi asks why the cake delivery guy was saying sorry. Adit says I don’t have time to explain things to you. You always ask me questions. Somaiya calls on his phone. She watches. He tells her to stop spying on me. It’s not right. You two sisters are so stubborn. Your phone is ringing. He says I should take the mats.

Mangal provides dinner for everyone at the table. Karthik kindly invites them to join in on the meal. However, she politely declines, opting to eat last. Concerned about her well-being, Karthik insists on waiting until she is ready to eat before starting himself. Gayatri chimes in, saying this is typical behavior from him. During the meal, Akshar accidentally spills food on Karthik’s shirt. Quickly apologizing, he asks if Karthik is alright and if he got burned. Assuring them he is fine, Karthik brushes it off and cleans up in the restroom. Kusum suggests that Lakshmi clean up the spill, but Gayatri offers her help instead. Eventually, everything is sorted out, and they continue with their dinner. Mangal takes note of Karthik’s stained shirt and kindly offers to press it for him after dinner. Meanwhile, Lakshmi starts to worry that she left the iron on and decides to check it just in case.

Gayatri becomes suspicious while Lakshmi checks the iron, and Karthik cleans his T-shirt. As Karthik’s eyes sting from the spices, he attempts to turn on the shower but cannot. Seeking help, he turns to Lakshmi, who enters the room shirtless. Apologetically, he wraps a towel around himself as she assists him with the shower knobs. As they both stand under the water together, Lakshmi slips and falls, causing Gayatri to rush upstairs. However, when she returns downstairs, she sees Karthik holding onto Lakshmi, who has slipped again. Their unexpected embrace shocks everyone who has gathered around them in confusion.

Adit asks Karthik and Lakshmi, “What’s going on here?” Karthik replies, “She was helping me.” Lakshmi adds, “The tap was not opening.” Suddenly, Gayatri slaps Lakshmi. Karthik exclaims, “Ma!” Mangal enters the scene, and Kusum asks, “What did you do?” Gayatri responds, “Didn’t you see what she was doing? I knew she was shameless. She took advantage of the situation to get close to my son.” Karthik pleads, “Maa, please.” Gayatri continues, “She is after you. She’s so shameless; she even came to the shower with you.” Karthik protests, “You’re misunderstanding. That’s not what happened.” Lakshmi leaves the room. Karthik tells Gayatri, “You did so wrong.” Gayatri retorts, “Then why did she leave? It means I was right.” Kusum defends Lakshmi, saying, “Lakshmi isn’t like that. She could have insulted you but didn’t because she respects you. You misunderstood her.” Gayatri insists, “We saw it.”

Mangal clarifies that Lakshmi is not someone who would behave shamefully. As you have watched her grow up, asking her politely would have been more appropriate. Karthik also agrees, expressing disappointment towards his mother’s direct reaction to slapping Lakshmi. He explains how he had asked her to assist him with turning on the knob, and the unexpected incident occurred. Karthik apologizes to Mangal and promises to apologize to Lakshmi as well. However, Mangal interrupts and suggests leaving it be as Lakshmi is not in a talking mood. Kusum supports this decision and mentions that Mangal will check on Lakshmi herself. Upon hearing this, Mangal makes her way to Lakshmi’s room.

You have hurt Lakshmi’s self-respect, Kusum tells Gayatri. She’s a good girl. Lakshmi cries. She remembers what Gayatri said. Karthik sits outside, upset. He thinks I should speak to Lakshmi. Gayatri asks where are you going? He says I ought to apologize to Lakshmi. I did it all on my own.

Gayatri says it was a misunderstanding based on what I saw. You don’t have to worry. I got angry. It happens. Don’t worry. Karthik says I wouldn’t say I liked it. She didn’t even reply to you. She’s such a nice girl. But why should I remain silent? You can talk to her tomorrow. Gayatri says Mangal is talking to her.

In the aftermath, Mangal comes to Lakshmi. She says I went because Karthik asked for help. Aunty got me so wrong. I’m not such a girl. Lakshmi says Karthik told us everything. Come inside. Mangal hugs her, and they both cry.


Mangal is insulted by Somaiya for the food she prepared. She says this is a village wedding. Is this a halwa shop? Adit insults Mangal and says do you ever understand anything? When Shanti sees Lakshmi’s necklace, she says this is why she couldn’t buy a sofa. She pulls it out. Lakshmi denies it’s my money, but Mangal stops her.

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