Maati Se Bandhi Dor 3rd June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vaiju Takes a Stand Against Injustice

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 3rd June 2024 Written Episode Update on

As the episode begins, Vaiju files an FIR against Vasundhara. The Inspector says they’re influential people. Vaiju is about to sign the papers when Aai stops her. Vaiju says Saleem is in the hospital because of them. Aai asks her to think about the family. As Jaya sees Ranvijay sitting under a tree, he says he felt you were impressed by my cute acts; girls like guys who make them smile and happy.

She mentions being impressed by his words, and he wonders which ones. She recalls his discussion on family values, among other things, and notes his maturity. He asks about his sister’s opinion of him, and she assures him she will persuade him. He expresses happiness at her apparent liking for him. Vaiju tearfully reveals the bloodstained cloth and questions whose blood it could be if they have no man in their house. She explains how Saleem was injured while protecting her and fears future trouble from the same people. She urges him to tell her what she should do in this situation.

He says no, you don’t like me, you love me, say it. Jaya nods. He gets happy. He roams around happy. Jaya also gets happy. Falaq se mai…plays… He says I promise you, Jaya, we will always be together. People sing Vasundara’s name, and she boasts about her Sasurji’s legacy. Rao Sahab stops Jaikant and asks where he is going. Jaikant says he has some work. The police arrive. Jaikant asks why they came. Vaiju comes and says that it’s time for law talks.

The inspector says to her that Jaikant attacked Saleem in Vasundara’s presence, so arrest her. Rao Sahab stops the inspector and scolds him. Vaiju tells the inspector to do his job and show them they’re less significant than the law. Jaikant’s father intervenes. Vasundhara stops him, and she goes with the police. Jaikant and Vasundara are arrested. Rao Sahab says I’ll handle everything and Vaiju leaves.

She goes to the hospital and ties a sacred thread to his hand. She says I have made the culprits reach the jail. Jaikant and Vasundhara are put behind bars. Rao Sahab appears. He tells Vasundara not to worry, she got bail, she won’t be there for a minute. He tells Vasundara not to be adamant. Vaiju accused me in front of the village, so I could not leave silently. He asks her not to get adamant. Her point is that it’s about her pride and esteem.

She says Vaiju hurts her esteem, and only Ranvijay can explain it to Rao Sahab. He says I brought you here to have the best coffee, and you deserve it. She jokes on him. The goons follow their car to take revenge. They cause Ranvijay’s accident. The vehicle of Ranvijay and Jaya hits a tree, and they faint inside.

In Vaiju’s house, Nagraj arrives. Aai becomes scared. Kaveri talks bluntly to him. Vaiju sees him. He mocks the helplessness of the police complaint and offers them money. He asks Aai to explain to Vaiju to take the police complaint back. Vaiju scolds him for bribing them. She refuses. He taunts Vaiju. Nagaraj says your deeds are harming your family. He says your friend is in the hospital because of your anger. Vaiju thinks about it.


Vaiju meets Ranvijay. He asks for her vehicle. Vaiju gives him her bike. Ranvijay meets Vasundara in jail. He calls Vaiju and goes to see her.

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