Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 20th May 2024 Written Episode Update: Nandini Takes a Stand

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 20th May 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Ishwar is deeply concerned about the situation in Rajkot. Despite Nandini’s attempts to call, Manri interjects, and Ishwar asks her to get in touch. Nandini then calls him and asks if everything is alright. She urges him to come to Rajkot and pack enough clothes for three or four days. However, Ishwar hesitates, citing the possibility of Kaku Bai teasing her aunt if he accompanies them. Nandini suggests leaving Mitesh with their aunt instead. This prompts Ishwar to question her actions, but Nandini asks if he trusts her. She then pleads with him to join them in Rajkot.

Hemraj asks Chanchal if the breakfast is ready. She is furious, so he questions her again when she replies it’s prepared, and he asks her what she’s thinking about when he says, “I think he even hid the truth about taking the dowry from Ishwar even from her, ” Chanchal replies that Ishwar did not want anyone to know about it, Chanchal says anyone or Nandini, she says the women of this house are also considering dowry along with the daughter-in-law,

Hemraj questions who is thinking, Chanchal says Kinjil and Hetal have agreed with Nandini, Hemraj blames Virel for not being able to control his daughter. Hemraj gets furious when Chanchal asks him to control his anger because otherwise, it might cause problems for Jalpa and Roopa. After all, they know Roopa is living here out of need. Walking out of the room, Hemraj says he is thinking about everyone.

While praying, Nandini and Nandini are spotted by Hemraj, so he walks away without even listening to Chanchal. Nandini prays to Bhagwan that she doesn’t know if what she’s doing is correct, but her war is not against Bapu Ji but with the dowry rituals. When Nandini asks if he will help her decide, Naren becomes concerned about what she will do.

When Hemraj sits in the main seat accompanied by all the other members, Sujhan Seth asks if Naren pleads when he says he is here to discuss the matter before the society’s leader. Sujhan tells Naren that he should know he is not standing in front of his father but the leader. Naren replies that is why he did not refer to his father. Nandini interrupts Naren, saying that they would not have come here if their desires had been met at home.

When Sujhan says that he is sure Nandini will not leave empty-handed, he starts to think that something big is about to happen, and their leader, Hemraj, believes in the story, so he asks if Nandini knows about it. Nandini replies that she knows they will all make the right decisions based on the truth. Other elders point out that Hemraj’s daughter-in-law is very intelligent, so they ask her to sit, and Sujhan asks who the complaint is directed against.

Sujhan asks Hemraj if he believes he will provide justice after Nandini says the society leader means Seth Hemraj Ratansi. Then Hemraj replies they have dealt with many such cases in the past. Nandini says that Hemraj had taken dowry from her uncle, for which she sought his help as the society leader. Sujhan says that Hemraj is constantly addressing the issue of dowry, so how can he take it? Hemraj replies that this is just a tiny family matter which has been dragged,

She replies that this is not a tiny issue for her since he got into financial trouble when he took a dowry from her uncle. When the other elders decide to form a committee, Sujhan asks who will make the decisions, but one of them says she wants Sujhan to lead until the case is resolved. Hemraj becomes furious, demanding Naren come out with him.

As Hemraj explains, Nandini doesn’t participate in house rituals when she’s not from their family, but Naren also forgets everything when his wife humiliates him. In response, Naren says there’s just one reason for it, so he asks Hemraj to return the farm to Ishwar. However, Hemraj thinks he cannot do anything since he’s no longer the owner, but even if that weren’t the case, he wouldn’t have returned it.

When Sujhan receives the file, he takes it to Nandini and says he would like something from her. He says he’s in trouble because Nandini may take the case back after a few days, so he suggests that Nandini give all of this in writing so that the case can be pursued,

After leaving, Sujhan says he should distribute the written papers of Nandini among all of the locality if they obtain them. He does not seem concerned that Hemraj did not get his daughter married to his son but rather that he sent his nephew to prison. When he returns, Sujhan sits on Hemraj’s chair, saying he wants to give the judgment tomorrow and feels even Hemraj should be allowed to present his point of view. They leave while Hemraj stands still.

Hemraj says Chanchal sided with Nandini, saying she would benefit the house, but Nandini humiliated him in front of the society of which he was the leader, so Naren did not do anything. Chanchal says Nandini should take back the case while asking Naren to convince her. He says he can’t tell her anything since that farm has emotional values, since it was her mother’s last memory.

As a result of the traditions, Ishwar gave him the farm, but they don’t value it, so he is not interested in staying in the same house. Nandini says the house belongs to him because he built and nurtured it, so he should not leave while she moves out, but Hemraj will return to the farm.

Hemraj replies that he will not return it, and even Nandini would get something good since even they adhere to dowry customs. Naren replies that he cares for Nandini’s principles and will stand by her forever.


Hemraj tells Nandini that he humiliated him in front of the entire society, but he wants them to remain silent. The Inspector asks Hemraj to go with them to the police station, and when Dhawal asks the reason, the Inspector replies that a dowry complaint has been filed against him,

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