Dabangii 4th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya’s True Parentage Revealed

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Zai says Dad wants to remove the decorations. Satya asks why. Looking at her face, she gets upset. I’m doing this for your daughter. Ankush says yes, that’s what I want to know. He says I am doing this for my peace. Zai asks Ankush if the party can go on. Ankush agrees and hugs her. Satya smiles. He says truth will emerge that everyone will be able to see.

Then Arya prays for Damini. Bela smiles as she enters the party. Baba talks to her and laughs. He tells her you can eat anything you want and no one will stop you. She asks if such a party will happen on her birthday as well. Baba confirms. When she sees the cake, she says it’s the best and recalls Damini celebrating her birthday.

When I plan such a drama, I will see who laughs the most. Satya comes and greets. Zai likes the cake. Thanks, Satya. Satya says Happy birthday and welcome. Bela thanks Satya. Satya acts sweet. Ankush watches.

Bela gets upset when Satya says you should save money for Zai. She calls Ankush. Ankush says I’m fine, take off. Aai wonders why Kasturi is so happy. A man spills juice all over Arya’s clothes. Arya cleans them. Kasturi asks what you did. Ankush says he will take Arya. Kasturi says no, you cut it, I’ll come.

Kasturi sends Arya with the maid, while Zai gleefully feeds Bela and everyone slices of cake. Tanmay playfully suggests smearing the dessert on Zai’s face, but she quickly protests and runs away. Despite Tanmay’s pleas to stop, Kasturi rounds everyone up for a group photo. Meanwhile, Ankush takes a moment to think about Satya’s advice. Suddenly, Zai trips and worries about her dress tearing as Tanmay throws a nearby fan in her direction. In a heroic move, Arya catches the falling fan to safeguard Zai. Unfortunately, Zai and the fan hit the ground with a loud thud as she screamed. Panicked, Ankush and Bela rush over to see what happened. Tanmay blames Arya for throwing the fan at Zai, but she denies it and accuses him instead.

In his view, Arya made the fan fall. Arya says I swear, I did not do it. Zai says she ruined my dress, and she’s jealous. Kasturi says this girl is lying. I was saving Zai. Arya tells Kasturi to stop talking nonsense to elders. Bela says not to talk to elders like that. Ankush says she didn’t do it. Satya says leave it, it’s the kids’ issue.

It is unclear why Ankush brought this orphan here. Kasturi says that Ankush got this orphan here. Arya says I am not an orphan; my father is a police officer and a brave man who will jail you. Ankush asks Arya to calm down, and Satya asks if your father is a policeman. People gossip. Baba takes the kids with him. Kasturi asks Ankush what Arya means. Her father is also a police officer and is brave like Ankush. Satya scolds them. Kasturi asks Satya to ask Ankush about that policeman.

He asks Ankush to inform everyone that Arya isn’t his daughter. Satya says he knows his brother has always followed principles. Bela cries. Baba promises to get ice cream for you. Zai says my dress got ruined. Tanmay vows not to leave you. Arya scolds him. Kasturi asks Ankush to say. Ankush asks what this nonsense is. He sees Bela.

You know everything, we discussed this before. Bela gets sad. Kasturi says tell us who her dad is, we will fight for Zai’s rights, why did you get Arya, is she an outsider or an outsider’s daughter? Ankush gets frustrated.


Ankush says don’t touch my daughter. Bela packs her bag. She sees Arya. She leaves. Ankush is shocked.

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