Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Surekha’s Schemes and Savi’s Struggles


Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 21st November 2023 Written Episode Update on

As Surekha continues humiliating Isha, she tells her that she used to get into Shantanu’s torn shoes, the same way she lured him into her home. Isha says Surekha used her dirty tricks to get her out of the house. Surekha says she ran out of responsibilities. As Isha recounts, Surekha snatched her family and son from her after she returned from fulfilling her duties as a daughter.

Surekha says Isha’s evil deeds kept her away from her son. Isha says Surekha forced her to leave with her conspiracies. Ishan trusts her more than Isha, so Surekha asks Isha to go now. She says Isha won’t because she received an official invitation. Surekha tears the invitation card and says this college belongs to her, and she won’t let her into it. Eventually, Isha says, her son will break Surekha’s shackles and rejoin her. She leaves from there.

Shantanu tries to contact Isha in vain. Ishan explains the game rules to competitor teams and will introduce them to judges shortly. Shantanu says Isha is not picking up calls. Ishan presents two judges to the students and says the third judge will be introduced as soon as she arrives. Isha won’t be coming, Surekha says, as the vehicle they sent to pick her up returned, and the driver told her she was unwell.

Shantanu thinks she was fine in the morning. Isha picks up the call, thinking Savi will not perform well in the competition. She is concerned about her if she doesn’t pick up. Savi asks if she is okay. Isha says she is feeling unwell. Savi thinks she can hear vehicles. While traveling to Bhosale Institute and returning home, Isha feels uncomfortable. Savi asks her to take care of herself and disconnects the call.

The truth is that Isha refused to come and said she would not enter Bhosale Institute because it belonged to the Bhosale family. Surekha brainwashes Ishan against Isha and claims she lied about Isha being unwell. Even though Ishan sent a car to bring her here, Isha hates Bhosales and said she wouldn’t enter as the institute belongs to the Bhosale family. Ishan, as usual, trusts her. Students discuss what to draw.

Durva asks Ayush to send Anvi out somehow to execute their plan. Durva asks Anvi to practice for the next competition, then sends her away. Instead of getting something, Ayush sends Sara out. The graffiti artist Maggie Magical walks into the room wearing a mask. Ayush introduces her, saying that they should act as if she were Sara.

Savi chooses a theme and climbs a ladder to do something. Ishan interacts with students and walks towards Savi. Savi slips. He holds her. Durva video calls Surekha and shows it to Surekha. Savi apologizes to Ishan and tells him to concentrate on her competition. He then notices his jacket is spoilt and apologizes. She offers to pay for his coat when she starts working. Ishan reminds me of how he spoils his laptop, car windshield, etc.

When Savi becomes an IAS officer, she will repay him for all she noted. They continue their nok jhok. Ihsan then asks her to get back to her competition. Surekha fumes at their chemistry and decides to punish Savi. Savi finds a blue bottle missing and gets it from a store room with a judge’s permission. Sara becomes tense as she asks Sari what she is doing here and why she is wearing a hoodie.


Surekha spoils Savi’s artwork by praising Sara’s graffiti art outside the competition venue. Sara’s friends praise Sara’s graffiti art. Savi’s friends praise Sara’s graffiti art.

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