Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th February 2023 Written Update

Ghum hai kisike

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 15th February 2023 Written Episode Update on

Pakhi responds that Yashoda maiya brought up Sri Krishna, so she is his real mother. Mohit informs Pakhi that a few factory workers want to meet her. Bhavani hears their conversation, walks over, and asks if she can also colour with Vinu. He agrees. He was wondering if Sri Krishna stayed with his real mamma Devika maiya. Sri Krishna freed Devaki maiya from Kans’ prison after defeating Kans, although Sri Krishna initially stayed with Yashoda maiya, he stayed with Devaki maiya afterwards.

Ultimately, Vinu must stay with his Devaki maiya, and Bhavani will bring Sai into this house at any cost. Sai asks Virat about Vinu. Virat thinks he shouldn’t tell her about Vinu’s fever, so she won’t be upset. He says she’s fine but doesn’t want to attend school. Sai says it’s okay and thanks him for taking care of Savi when she was in a delusional state after Vinu rejected her and reveals that she doesn’t remember anything after that. Getting emotionally worried about Savi, she nods and says she doesn’t remember anything.

Virat says Sai is also his daughter and any problem with Savi must cross over him first. Sai says he is so lucky that Savi calls him Baba and loves him so much. Sai asks Virat if he and Pakhi poisoned Vinu against her. Virat asks why she thinks so. Sai says she saw Pakhi brainwash Vinu. Virat says he kept the secret truth to avoid all this, but he didn’t tell Vinu anything. Sai asks him not to provoke her son against her. Virat asks why he would do that.

Virat says no family member would provoke Vinu against her. Sai says Vinu must have read a story somewhere and connected himself to it. As he promises, he will find out how Vinu came up with this idea and that she is his aayi; he needs time and trusts from her. She nods yes and inquires if he prepared these modaks for her. Virat walks in and asks if Grandma is teaching bike riding to her grandson. Bhavani reminds him that she taught him cycling, but his son has learned it earlier.

As he asks when will he start living his life, she understands, as his heart should always win in a fight between heart and brain. Virat teaches Vinu cycling and asks why he hates Sai but loves him so much. After Vinu gets angry, Virat asks him not to refer to Sai as dirty aunty. Vinu says he will, as dirty Aunty has done black magic on him. Virat wonders if Pakhi taught him this.

Aayi told Vinu a tale about a queen mother and her prince, along with a dirty sorcerer who wants to steal the prince from her. Virat realizes that Sai is right that Vinu has been brainwashed. When Virat walks in and confronts her for being a bad mother, Pakhi picks up Virat’s uniform and smells it. Virat asks why she told a sorcerer’s story and compared herself to Sai.

Virat warns Pakhi to stop playing the victim and suicide card and to stop infusing poison into Vinu’s mind. Pakhi refuses his accusation, blames Sai again for trapping Virat and trying to snatch her son from her, also plays the victim card as usual, and threatens to commit suicide. Despite knowing he doesn’t love her, Pakhi wants to know if he hates her too. Ashwini rushes in and informs Pakhi Vinu has locked himself in his room.

Sai tells Virat that she will stay at Chavan Nivas until her mission is completed and then leave. She asks him to promise that she can meet Vinu anytime and affectionate him anytime. He agrees. She says he will repent if someone else enters her life.

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