Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 9th October 2023 Written Episode: Savi’s Stand and Ishan’s Apology


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The playful banter between Savi and Ishan persists. She accuses him of using her charm to manipulate wealthy and influential men. Ishan demands a straightforward answer from her. Savi stands firm in leaving Bhosale Institute despite Ishan’s frustration. In the meantime, Shantanu overhears Isha making plans to return to Ramtek within two days while he is cooking. She offers assistance, but he tells her to pack her belongings instead. Isha explains that she took an extended leave due to an injury and needs to return and complete all of her unfinished tasks.

It would be great if Shantanu could stop her, as Ishan did in trying to convince Savi to stay back. Isha says he couldn’t stop Reeva. Shantanu says both cases are different. She says he doesn’t know what will happen next. Savi walks in. Shantanu says if she means they can be a couple, she is wrong, as they both will burst a house if kept together. They change the topic, and Isha asks him to order dinner from outside today. Shantanu frowns.

Nishikant gets adamant when Ishan convinces him to let Durva continue her studies. Surekha says he disrespects elders like Ishan and orders him to allow Durva to continue her studies. Ishan asks what he did. Yashwant shouts at him for visiting Savi’s house to convince him to rejoin college. Ishan says he went to Shantanu’s house. Surekha says Isha also lives here.

Surekha says their college is already famous and does not need Savi. Isha needs Savi instead to break into their house. Ishan says Savi is a brilliant student who can pass the UPSC exam and win many awards in college. Ishan walks away, saying he is not hungry, and Yashwant shouts that Savi won’t return to college and that Ishan should stop humiliating their family. Asmita asks them to join for dinner to divert the issue.

Savi goes to visit Harini, but Kiran refuses to let her in. Upon seeing Harini’s bruises, Savi forcefully enters the house. Concerned, she asks Harini if Kiran has physically abused her again. Kiran denies it and claims that Harini slipped in the kitchen. However, Harini reveals that Kiran often takes out his frustration on her, venting his anger from Ishan on her. Outraged by this information, Savi takes action and files a police complaint against Kiran. They both leave the house, with Harini pushing Kiran away. At the police station, Harini explains to Inspector Rane how Kiran regularly tortures her and also files a complaint against him. The inspector questions why she didn’t speak out before, to which Savi presents a video confession from Kiran where he admits to molesting Savi. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, Inspector Rane sends constables to arrest Kiran. However, they discover that he and his parents have fled their home. Savi informs them that they have eloped together in an attempt to escape justice.

When Isha opens a book and discovers Shantanu’s letter, she asks him if he keeps it purposefully there. Savi calls Shantanu, and he gives Isha the phone. Isha asks Savi to bring Kiran home after finishing the formalities. She tells Harini she brought Harini to file a complaint against Ishan. Harini feels guilty for putting Kiran’s parents in hardship without their mistake and decides to return the complaint.

According to Savi, both parents are at fault for failing to teach their sons the value of respecting women. As a result, they should both be held accountable and face consequences for their actions. She urges Harini not to withdraw her complaint. However, before she can do so, Kiran is forcefully brought into the scene by a constable. In response, Kiran threatens to take legal action against his parents. His father shames Harini for accusing her husband and humiliating the family. At this point, Inspector Rane intervenes and silences him, ordering him to leave. He then contacts Ishan and requests his presence at the police station due to a complaint filed against him for misconduct.


If Savi forgave him, Ishan brings flowers to Savi and apologizes for wrongly accusing her. He asks her to attend his lecture today if she forgives him.

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