Barsatein 4th December 2023 Written Episode | Reyansh’s Plot Unfolds, Jai’s Arrest Shocks Everyone!


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Nita says these people look middle class. Jai asks her not to say that. Bhakti asks Pooja and Jagruti to go to Aradhana. Akash says we have security for Reyansh. Jai says Reyansh is my friend, so ask the guards to be gentle with him. Nita says he’s your friend, so leave her girlfriend. Aradhana is with Pooja and Jagruti. She receives a call and hears the song Jhumka. Reyansh calls Aradhana and says his choice.

Pooja inquires about how he is able to see them, prompting Aradhana to take the phone. Dismissing the topic, Pooja urges them to leave it alone. Aradhana pleads with Reyansh to end his irrational behavior and reminds him that he has lost control of himself. He insists on playing the role of the groom, causing Jai to interject that there is no connection between Aradhana and Reyansh and that he will not marry someone who sees her as their possession. Jai declares that Aradhana means everything to him, and he cannot imagine anyone else as his life partner. He also states that he would give his life for Reyansh, but ultimately, it was Aradhana’s choice to be with him. He orders Akash to instruct the security guards to stop creating a scene and leave. Nita attempts to make a point, but Akash also follows suit and exits. In the meantime, Aradhana hears a noise and decides to investigate.

Jai approaches and inquires about what you are gazing at outside. He assures security guards have been stationed and Reyansh will not cause any trouble. She responds by stating that he is not afraid of anyone. Jai clarifies that while Reyansh is his friend, he is not a criminal. He then instructs the girls to prepare Aradhana for the wedding quickly. Varun points out that Father and Jai have foiled her plan. Nita expresses her concern over Reyansh, causing a commotion. Reyansh announces that it’s time for some breaking news. Aradhana acknowledges that the wound may have healed, but Reyansh remains. Pooja and Jagruti comfort her and remind her of Jai’s presence. Aradhana reiterates that she is marrying according to her parent’s wishes, sadly acknowledging that she was not meant to experience Reyansh’s love.

The mehendi is applied to Aradhana. Jai smiles at her. Varun departs. Reyansh messages Aradhana and Jai. Jai says I’m thrilled today; I’m marrying Aradhana. I never thought I’d love someone so deeply. When love happens, it seems like a dream. Jai looks around. Reyansh writes, I’m watching you, you can’t stop me. Jai checks.

Malini prays for Aradhana after Aradhana signs that everything is fine. Jai receives new messages. Aradhana looks tense. He asks her what happened. You look worried. She says she got Reyansh’s text message. He says he did, too, but don’t worry. He sees a waiter and thinks… is it Reyansh?

The lady tells him about the mahurat for the mehendi last night. Aradhana thinks of Reyansh. Bhakti gets emotional when he sees Aradhana. Aradhana was shocked to see Reyansh’s name in her mehendi. Nita comes and asks if it is done. The mehendi artist left so that we will see the mehendi now. She asks Aradhana to show her mehendi. Aradhana worries.

Jagruti compliments Nita to distract her and takes a selfie with her. Aradhana says she will return as Varun observes Reyansh with the mehendi artist. He approaches him and makes a sarcastic comment. Meanwhile, Jagruti admires Aradhana’s mehendi and expresses her concern about Reyansh causing trouble for her. She captures a photo of the beautiful design. Just then, Nita arrives and asks where they had gone. Aradhana suggests Nita should get mehendi applied, too, but Nita declines due to time constraints. She appreciates Aradhana’s mehendi, and Pooja interrupts to request a glimpse of it as well. However, Nita insists there is no need for any nek and hands them some money instead.

When she shows Nita the picture, Nita asks why did you take so much nek. Pooja takes Nita to the stamp mehendi counter. Jagruti says I did edit the photo. It would be best if you tried changing the name. Reyansh dances on the street with some people. Hayo rabba…plays…

According to Jai, the mehendi artist was giving an update to Reyansh. However, Aradhana reveals that she has left and is unsure what Reyansh will do. In response, he states that he cannot take any action now. Despite this, she believes he can do anything, as it has become his passion. Suddenly, an inspector interrupts inquires about Jai Khurana’s whereabouts and asks him to be called immediately. Akash questions why, and Jai arrives shortly afterward. The inspector informs them that a fraud case has been filed against Jai, accusing him of marrying a girl under pretenses. Jai defends himself by stating that Reyansh orchestrated the scheme and justifies his upcoming marriage to Aradhana. However, the inspector declares that Jai cannot marry again as he has already cheated one woman and is now attempting to deceive another through his marriage proposal to Aradhana.

Akash questions, “What is it you’re saying? Provide some evidence.” The inspector then plays a video in which a girl claims Jai is a fraud. Reyansh is accused of persuading the girl to make this statement against Jai, shocking everyone. The inspector reveals that the girl has charged Jai with marrying her solely for a British visa. Nita demands to know who this girl is and dismisses the accusation as nonsense. Jai denies the allegation, but the inspector insists on telling the truth since all evidence points towards his guilt. Aradhana defends Jai’s character, stating that he respects women and their feelings and believes that filing such accusations against him is baseless. However, the inspector apologizes and states that they must arrest Jai due to the strong evidence against him.


Jai and Reyansh argue. They sit in the mandap to get married. Reyansh gets angry. He asks whether Aradhana wants to stay away. Aradhana agrees. She will remain in jail.

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