Teri Meri Doriyaan 21st December 2023 Written Episode | Garry’s Shocking Return and Brar Jewelers’ Turmoil!


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Yash informed Angad that he is now the legal owner of Brar Jewelers. He called a board meeting to announce that the new MD will be handling the company from now on. Garry, the person sitting in Angad’s chair, was introduced to the Brars. They were shocked and emotional to see him alive. Garry confidently declared that no one could have killed him. Hansraj questioned whether it was Garry or their eyes playing tricks on them. Seerat became anxious at the thought of Garry exposing her involvement in obtaining the company’s secret file. Akaal asked Garry why he hadn’t returned home if he was alive. Jasleen collapsed at this revelation. Yash then announced that Garry was the new MD of Brar Jewelers. The Brars finally realized that Angad and Sahiba were right and had been deceived by Yashraj and Garry.

Akaal maintains his majority shares in the company and has chosen Angad as Managing Director. However, Garry points out that Akaal did not consider his and Yash’s combined shares, which now make them the new owners with over 50% ownership. As Garry arrogantly rests his feet on a table, Angad angrily pins him to a wall and vows to take action against him. Yash warns Angad to let go of Garry, with the Brars echoing the sentiment. Angad reveals that Yash had previously sent him to jail, and Megha was attempting to force him to sign documents at Yash’s command. Sahiba intervenes and pulls Angad away. Akaal admits that he had changed his opinion about Yash after their previous meeting, but Yash’s recent actions only prove that he was right about him before.

Brars’ fate was to get destroyed, and Bawejas’ fate was to kill them, so Yash has called him a good son until now. Garry rejoices. Jasleen wakes up and pampers Garry; thank god he sent her son back alive, and she can’t believe he’s here with her. Garry says she shouldn’t think then and tells Brars he doesn’t want a relationship with him anymore.

Her heart breaks after hearing the news of his death, so she asks him to hug his mother and asks him not to say that. According to Garry, this woman is calling herself his mother, she ought to learn how to love a child from her father, Jasleen used to always complain about him, Brars are nothing to her, so they need to leave as soon as possible. They are evicted by security after Yash calls.

Akaal feels drowsy. Veer and Angad hold him and ask if he is okay. Akaal says he is fine. Angrily, Angad walks towards Garry. Garry orders security to kick them out and obey their MD’s orders. They stand silently. They should follow Garry’s instructions if they want to keep their jobs. Angad says Garry stole their company with fraud, but he can’t earn respect. Brar jewelers will never belong to them.

Akaal is informed they should leave, as the situation has become uncomfortable. Following this, Jasleen attempts to communicate with Garry, but he requests that she depart. Upon seeing this exchange, the family escorts Jasleen away. Garry expresses his gratitude to Seerat for helping him achieve the boss position. The Brars make their way toward the exit while surrounded by staff members. Angad assures the group that they won’t have to tolerate the deceitful father and son duo much longer and shouldn’t quit their jobs because of them. The staff proclaims their loyalty towards him and declares they will all resign if he leaves. Subsequently, everyone follows after the Brar family as they exit through the door.


Garry says Sahiba would beg him now as he has Angad’s house, business, fame, etc.; Sahiba says she has his mother. Will he listen to her now?

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