Anupama 8th December 2023 Written Update: Anupama Stands Firm Against Accusations!

Anupama written update

Anupama 8th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anupama is troubled by Choti and Pakhi’s misbehavior when Romil arrives. She offers to help, and Romil shares that he now understands how much her children’s actions hurt a mother. He reassures her that the kids will realize their mistakes eventually, just like he did in his past. Acknowledging the wisdom of Choti and Pakhi, he encourages Anupama to stay positive. She remembers Samar as Romil leaves, but he reminds her that she can always turn to him for support and a listening ear. With tears in her eyes, Anupama urges herself to guide the children when they stray from the right path.

Dimpy is contemplating the logistics of attending a dance show. She informs Vanraj that she has to participate in an event elsewhere. Vanraj offers to give her a ride but is interrupted by a phone call and leaves. Titu requests his friend for tickets. The friend mentions having paid extra for them. In response, Titu offers four times the amount in exchange. His friend questions why he is so eager to see a famous dancer perform. Tapish clarifies that he wants to witness the show and proposes collaborating on social media if given the passes instead. The friend agrees and departs, leaving behind the passes.

Titu is about to send the photo to Dimpy, but she calls him and says Papa said he would come with me. She tells him it is not wrong to choose one’s happiness and that it will be problematic if caught. She asks him to think. He responds that he can do anything for a friend. Pakhi is there shortly after and tells Dimpy that she has come to her father’s house and mayka and is not an unwanted guest.

Anupama tells Baa that Pakhi said so much to Vanraj. She says she has difficulty handling it at home. Anupama says she can’t come and asks her to hold it there. She says she’ll handle it here. She says that Pakhi will come when she misses the luxury. When Anuj gets there, he asks what Baa said. Anupama tells him that Pakhi Adhik Mehta went there. You are right, Anupama says. We need to speak to Barkha and Malti Devi.

Barkha complains to Malti, calling Pakhi “extremely rude,” predicting that Pakhi will create drama in the Shah household, leading Anuj and Anupama to intervene. Malti expresses frustration, labeling the Shah family as lacking manners, intelligence, and decency, causing her son to get entangled in their issues. Barkha remarks on her own brother’s involvement. As Adhik prepares to leave, Barkha questions his destination, suspecting he will meet Pakhi. Malti Devi laments Pakhi’s mother’s influence on her son, implying that Pakhi is following her mother’s path in trying to dominate her husband.

She mentions Anupama’s control over Anuj and how she utilizes his wealth. She then questions who would have hired her as a mere high school graduate for a job, such as a watchman. Adhik poses the same question to Barkha, wondering if she would have taken on such a job instead of living luxuriously off her husband’s money. Adhik points out that Barkha is always busy scheming and asks who said someone with just a high school education cannot be successful in business. Despite little education, he goes on to praise their mother’s impressive business skills.

He says Pakhi has been the same since childhood, and it is not Mummy’s upbringing fault. He tells them to read self-help books to understand and stop gossiping. Barkha admits that he has become Anupama’s devotee again. Malti Devi says they will know once Anupama seizes Anuj’s property. Romil and Anupama listen to everything. As Romil plays the song paisa paisa song, Anupama comes over to them and shows them attitude. Barkha asks, “What is it?” Anupama asks, “What were you just now?”

Vanraj taunts Dimpy for romancing in the name of work. Dimpy tries to convince Vanraj to let her go see her friend. Vanraj asks her to call her friend here. Dimpy tells him her friend called to show me her bridal clothes. Pakhi says she’s lying to meet Titu. Vanraj says she’s your bhabhi. Kavya asks him to trust his wife. Dimpy goes to her friend’s house and calls Vanraj.

Anupama requests Barkha and Malti Devi to share their thoughts about her current state and intentions. She encourages them to speak openly without hesitation, even if they feel ashamed. She suggests writing down their feelings or sending them messages through her phone. Sarcastically, she addresses them as Gurumaa/Sasumaa and reminds Barkha that she is from America and, therefore, capable of writing an essay on “Greedy Anupama.” Anupama then prompts them to talk like the antagonists in TV shows who speak their true thoughts, stating that they can apologize for their actions towards her once they kick her out. She grabs a knife and urges Barkha to express herself freely.

She urges her to be honest with her feelings, at least within herself. She reminded her of the words she spoke to Adhik and shared them with my sister. She questions whether it is shameful to say hurtful things about a woman to her daughter. She offers them each an apple, but they decline. Anupama gives Romil half of her apple. She clarifies that she did not marry Anuj on a whim and emphasizes that she is his wife. Anupama asserts that whatever she does with Anuj’s money is her business and wonders why they are so concerned about it. She says she has always treated them respectfully and wants them to take her warning seriously. She states that if she allows them to stay here, she also has the power to evict them if necessary.


After seeing Dimpy at a dance event, Pakhi calls Vanraj. Dimpy says he is my friend. Vanraj says you need to break up with him. Pakhi asks her to meet her boyfriend in the hotel room. Titu asks her to keep quiet. Vanraj slaps him and asks why you would talk to my daughter in this way. Anupama asks how dare your daughter speak to my wife in such a way.

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