Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 24th November 2023 Written Episode: Abhira Saves Armaan, Tensions Rise in the Courtroom!

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The Episode begins with Akshara stating that Smita Negi is the witness. The judge grants permission for her to take the stand. Akshara proceeded to ask Smita what she had seen. Smita confirms that Yuvraj had hit Anurag with his car. Akshara emphasizes that Smita has no reason to lie as she has lost her life partner in the incident. Armaan expresses his desire to question Smita and reminds her that she may be mistaken. However, Smita maintains her statement, stating that she saw Yuvraj. Armaan argues that Yuvraj had no motive to harm Anurag, but Smita points out their prior altercation before the accident and suggests Abhira can provide more information.

Akshara summons Abhira to the witness box and requests her to explain her connection with Yuvraj. Abhira reveals that Yuvraj has been stalking her and describes his persistent behavior. She emphasizes that she repeatedly refused his advances and even turned down his marriage proposal. However, Yuvraj’s father, MLA Jagrat, threatened them when they rejected the proposal. On the day of the incident, Yuvraj was intoxicated and misbehaved with her until Anurag intervened and saved her. Anurag was a good man who helped keep Yuvraj away from her, but unfortunately, Yuvraj ended up killing him. As Armaan glares at Yuvraj, he claims to have recently learned about these details and requests time to verify the facts. The judge sets the next hearing for two days later. In response, Yuvraj declares that he will tell the truth, while Armaan assures that he will also uncover it.

A guy looks on as Armaan asks a resort worker about Yuvraj. The man said yes, he came there a few times, but I don’t know much more. Armaan asks others about Yuvraj. Armaan is questioning you, and a guy says, be careful; he won’t lose.

Akshara says Yuvraj will blame you. Abhira says don’t worry, I will handle it. Akshara says your character will be questioned. How shall I handle this? Abhira says you prepare me, and we won’t get scared of Armaan. I will answer him.

Yuvraj meets Armaan. He says you have hidden a big thing from me. Jagrat says they are masking the truth. It is hard to fight this case, Armaan says, but hard facts are used in court, Yuvraj stalked Abhira, maybe you killed Anurag on purpose. If love is wrong, then I made a mistake. Armaan says love and stalking are different. Yuvraj lies to him about Abhira. He claims she used to ask me for gifts, but then she changed, took a turn, and changed.

It’s okay, Armaan says. You were with Abhira when you fought Anurag. Yuvraj says I just went to talk to Abhira, and I won’t call Anurag wrong. He kicked me, I didn’t do anything wrong, I accepted that Abhira was with me because of my money and connections, I wouldn’t ruin my dad’s reputation, I respect girls, I trusted Abhira, she’s manipulative, she’s used me. Armaan says, “See you in court.” He leaves.

He thinks of Abhira because Yuvraj isn’t trustworthy. He thinks of Ruhi and smiles. Vidya calls him. She says she feels restless and thinks something is going wrong. Ruhi believes something has happened with Armaan. Surekha asks him to ask Ruhi. Ruhi sees them and smiles. She says you aren’t fooling anyone by holding the newspaper upside down. She talks about the clients. Suwarna says we get calls from unknown numbers.

Possibly, we got the call, but we don’t know. Ruhi thinks Armaan may have called me from another number. She says she will come over. Armaan says all is well. He calls Ruhi and gets a busy number. A man takes coal. He stumbles and drops the coal. Abhira saves Armaan. She calls Armaan. Abhira says your phone is ringing. He answers.

Rohit informs everyone that their father was shot. Armaan is in disbelief and asks for clarification from Rohit. He becomes anxious and bursts into tears, causing him to drop his phone accidentally. Meanwhile, Madhav receives treatment at the hospital as Rohit continues to cry. Sanjay comforts him and reminds him of their father’s strength. Vidya also sheds tears while Dadi offers words of comfort to console her. Kajal expresses concern and questions whether Madhav will recover, to which Manisha responds with reassurance and encourages everyone to remain positive. Krish suggests being vital for Armaan and Rohit’s sake, while Aryan expresses his desire to visit Tausa (father). Manoj embraces Aryan and assures them that everything will eventually be okay. Dadi instructs Manisha to take care of Vidya before she leaves.

Then she shuts the door to her room. Armaan drops the phone again. Abhira asked Armaan if I should take the phone and see what calls were made and if I should dial this number. She calls and gives the phone to him. Armaan gets shaken. She gets a call. Ruhi says Shivani, Armaan called me. Armaan says to disconnect the call and call Rohit instead.

Shivani says the call has been disconnected. Abhira answers. Armaan says he doesn’t want to talk to you. She says sorry to speak rudely. Armaan says you did well. Shivani said this girl would be close to Armaan, so she took his phone and shouted at you. Armaan asks Rohit how his father is. Rohit says relax, his operation is successful, we don’t need to get scared now. Sanjay says we’re all here, so focus on the case, win, and come. Nods Armaan.

Abhira finds Uncle peculiar; Armaan’s father is in the hospital, and he is asking about winning and losing. She offers Armaan some water. Shivani reassures her that she trusts her feelings; it’s love, but she doesn’t trust Armaan. She questions how another girl can answer his call and scold him; after all, Armaan isn’t hers. Ruhi suggests that maybe he has an explanation for it all. Shivani argues that even if he were to bring a bride home, Ruhi would still defend him because love doesn’t exist in reality. She reminds Ruhi to consider all the facts before making any decisions. Ruhi agrees to think about it. Meanwhile, Armaan shares his dilemma of wanting to be with his father in the hospital but also being torn about this case. Abhira offers him candy.


Dadi says Ruhi and Rohit’s roka will happen tomorrow. Ruhi thinks Armaan won’t come to me. Armaan says he came to take her to court safely. Abhira doubts him.

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