Barsatein 1st December 2023 Written Episode | Reyansh’s Shocking Revelation and Aradhana’s Dilemma Unfold!


Barsatein 1st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

Malini pushes Reyansh behind in the episode. Jai is the groom, not Reyansh, she says. Jai and Aradhana dance. Teri meri dooriyaan…plays… Nita asks if this is a daily soap; there’s drama every day. Kriti says everything will come to her when the time comes. She goes to Reyansh. Aradhana is brave. Reyansh says you got to know Aradhana is your sister. She says I will never accept her as my sister, but revealing the truth at the right time is fun.

Aradhana recalls Jai’s hurtful words as Reyansh suddenly flashes lights at her. She asks him what he is doing, and he responds by urging her to shout even louder. With her eyes closed in fear, she asks why he is there. He reveals that he is now physically closer to her and demands an apology for his tarnished reputation due to the news that has been spread about their twisted relationship. Quietly, Aradhana expresses remorse for exposing his weakness and using it against him, hoping it would make him understand the pain of being targeted. She sincerely apologizes for her actions, acknowledging that they were wrong, leading to his public humiliation.

She apologizes and mentions that her reputation was also negatively affected. He then talks about how love can be painful, to which she responds by saying that love does not always have to be painful. He expresses his desire for a love that involves pain, but she disagrees and says that life isn’t always like that. The song “Main teri hogai” plays in the background. He adds that their drama will become a tragedy if she doesn’t mind it and questions whether she will stay with him forever. She says their time has passed. He accepts this and suggests they never meet again but asks for one last handshake. They shake hands as he congratulates her for the mehendi ceremony. She asks him what he did, Reyansh.

He tells me that I am washing away the color of my love. He wants to see if anyone can wash away my peace; this is my mehendi. She questions, “Are you crazy?” He responds by saying that he has applied his mehendi. She takes it upon herself to remove the stain. In her mind, she is determined to eliminate this mark. Bhakti inquires about the situation, and Aradhana explains that she is trying to erase the stain. Malini then comes over and offers some sweets to Aradhana. Everyone becomes delighted and starts dancing. Aradhana’s face lights up with a smile. As Jai and his family arrive, Nita observes Aradhana hiding her hand behind her back. Jai suggests they start with the rituals and then look at the mehendi afterward. Nita agrees, saying, “As you wish.” She then asks for Aradhana’s hand.

Everyone sees Aradhana’s hand. Nita says that you have already had mehendi. Malini asks Jai to sit down and apply mehendi, which is good shagun. Nita applies mehendi to Jai and Aradhana’s hands. There is no need to be concerned about the stain of your past. I know everything and accept you, don’t worry. Reyansh tells Aradhana that the dark mehendi color means I immensely love you. Aradhana gets angry. Jai says it’s okay. She says no, she needs to speak with him.

I will wipe this stain off, and I won’t let this stain spoil my future. She tries to wipe it off. Acha chalta hoon…plays… Reyansh cries.


Jai is arrested. The inspector shows a fake video. Reyansh asks Aradhana to listen to her heart. They marry.

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