Barsatein – Mausam Pyar Ka 25th August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein 25th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ananya saying only Pooja can handle the guys. Aradhana sees Reyansh and Arnab dancing with Pooja. She spills some oil on the floor and makes them fall. Ayushman comes. Aradhana says thank Pooja from my side. She thought to go and see that idol. Sunaina shows the pictures. Aradhana says, “I’ll just come, make some excuse, I’ll find Beena’s stuff.” She goes. The door is locked. Inside she finds the idol.

She ponders over the situation, perplexed as to how it could have occurred in a government-owned property and specifically this particular house… The waiter interrupts her thoughts, saying “You’re here.” Startled, she explains that she was inspecting for any molds and searching for her bag. He then instructs her to proceed to the kitchen. Apologetically he mentions that the room is Malini’s personal storage space, and they do not have permission to enter it. She knows she cannot share this with Reyansh; someone is deliberately causing these incidents. No, it couldn’t be true. She trusted Malini who had filled her life with untruths. Feeling conflicted, she sees Reyansh being flirted with by some girls. He jokes around with them before eventually heading towards Aradhana who confesses that she’s anxious because of his presence.

She says forget about him, we will talk to Viren about your BTS idea. Arnab asks if he bothers you. She says that we will cover your daughter’s wedding. Viren asks sure? Reyansh says I’ll do it. Viren says you should do it, it’ll be fun. Aradhana says we’ll start interviewing Arnab. Vikram asks Vikram to plan the interviews. In her opinion, I learned something I shouldn’t have known.

They joke on each other. Arnab challenges Reyansh to a dance face off. Reyansh agrees. Arnab says he’ll choose the song. Reyansh says, “Done.” Arnab plays Dola re dola…. He asks Reyansh to dance. Sunaina says record this video for sure. Arnab dances. Aradhana records their dance. Malini says I have a lot to do, you have fun. Aradhana follows her.

Reyansh’s hand makes contact with Arnab, causing him to fall. Acting quickly, Arnab jumps up and receives a box from Malini. As Aradhana approaches for an interview, Malini proudly displays her collection of silk sarees. Curious about baby clothes, Aradhana inquires about them and Malini mentions purchasing some for her daughter in 1998. However, Aradhana points out that Kimaya was born in 2000 and Malini clarifies that she misspoke and meant 2000. Sensing something deeper, Aradhana suggests that Malini may be hiding her love and hopes for her daughters. In response, Malini shares that she prays for her daughters. Noticing the beauty of the Kuldevi temple, Aradhana wonders if the idol holds a special story.

“Malini has suggested that we leave for the party. Are you still planning on joining us?” Aradhana confirms her attendance while Sunaina finishes bandaging Reyansh’s wound and scolds him. He reveals that Aradhana is aware of the idol’s location but is keeping it a secret. He plans to arrange a meeting between Aradhana and Tripathi to retrieve it. Sunaina cautions against taking risks, accusing him of his obsession with being the alpha male. Reyansh fears for Aradhana’s safety, knowing that the shooter is aware of their pursuit of the idol. Vikram reminds Reyansh that his dance was a means to prove himself better than Arnab, and he should move on from their breakup. However, Reyansh remains persistent in wanting Aradhana back, believing her anger towards him only signifies her love for him. In response, Sunaina calls him a donkey.

Kriti gives him a call, asking for a couple dance. He responds, saying he’s hurt. She pleads with him not to refuse, for her sake. He agrees and Reyansh takes the opportunity to make a joke at Vikram’s expense, causing Sunaina to laugh. Right then, Aradhana arrives at the bakery where Beena immediately asks if she brought her bag. Aradhana apologizes for forgetting and Beena scolds her for not remembering. Aradhana then asks about the Kuldevi idol and Beena admits she hasn’t heard any updates on its theft. Their conversation turns to Viren and how he may have orchestrated the news coverage in order to make money. Aradhana starts to suspect Viren’s involvement but can’t figure out his motive since he is already wealthy. Beena interrupts her thoughts by reminding her to attend the wedding and bring her bag. As Aradhana starts to leave, Reyansh notices a car headed towards her direction.


Aradhana is saved by Reyansh. He says someone is targeting her. Vikram says we found out about that car.

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