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Barsatein 15th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode begins with Reyansh enjoying a date with a girl. She compliments him, saying he is attractive and has no flaws. He mentions their potential to connect, noting that she doesn’t seem bothered by his temper or negative image. She continues to praise his appearance and asks if they should head back to her place. However, he suddenly sees Aradhana in her and hesitates. He confesses that there is an issue – he’s feeling under the weather. The girl asks if he took medicine and he explains how his ex would always criticize him, causing him to despise her. Meanwhile, Aradhana is at the bakery when she overhears a couple conversing; it triggers memories of Reyansh in her mind.

Reyansh wonders if he was happy in the past, or if his current state as an angry young man is an improvement. Despite trying to forget her, he cannot seem to let go of the girl who has caused him so much turmoil. He simultaneously hates and loves her, leading to confusion. As for the person they are speaking with, Reyansh is uninterested in their name or appearance, though he does manage to pay them a backhanded compliment on their long and beautiful nose. He then proceeds to drink and imagine his ex-girlfriend in front of him. Politely dismissing the person beside him, Reyansh reveals that they can leave because he has booked a cab for them. However, before they depart, he makes sure to mention that they are indeed beautiful, just not for him personally.

The girl reveals that Reyansh had asked her to speak negatively about him, leading her to leave. She later encountered Reyansh at the office and was reminded of Aradhana. Despite his attempts to ignore her, he couldn’t help but imagine her presence. In a fit of anger, he threw away her belongings, expressing his pain and frustration. Aradhana acknowledged the difficulties of moving on from love. Despite being hated by Reyansh, she knew he still loved her deep down.

In his words, he hates you. He shuts the laptop. Aradhana prays at the temple. She says my three girls have made me mad. She sees Aradhana and says I’ll wait until your puja is over. Aradhana agrees. Malini invites Pandat ji home. She gets a call. Her daughters fight again. Malini leaves. Pandit tells Aradhana about Malini. He asks Aradhana to pray for her marriage. Aradhana says she does not want to make that wish, but prays for mental peace instead.


Reyansh says she used to meet her ex. Aradhana says he thinks I cheated him. Beena asks Aradhana to take the delivery.

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