Kavya – Ek Jazbaa Ek Junoon 23rd November 2023 Written Update


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The Episode begins with Adi playfully teasing Kavya, who then reveals her cards. Adi follows suit and wins once again. He chuckles and remarks to Kavya, “You have a knack for making incorrect choices.” Shubh interjects, suggesting that they distribute the cards. Sanjeev expresses his desire to see them reconcile, stating that they want to bring them back together. Mayank agrees, adding that no one can outmatch Adi’s skills. Alka chimes in with admiration for Adi as well. Shubh takes a dig at Adi, who retorts by claiming that Kavya is unlucky in both aspects of the game. Shubh turns to Sanjeev and asks about his job placement. Sanjeev shares details about Kavya’s placement and mentions their plans to get married soon and have their placements together. He then asks Adi about his placement, prompting Kavya to cut in and put a stop to it.

Shubh apologizes to Adi, who has been suspended from the academy. Adi, a politician’s son, compliments Shubh’s playing skills, to which Shubh responds with positivity and encouragement for Adi’s future. Kavya interrupts and declares herself as the winner, causing Mayank to notice her cards and realize her admiration for Adi. He then stops Kavya and she happily dances with Shubh instead. Sanjeev offers Adi a drink while Mayank offers Kavya a cold drink. They all dance together, playing “Behke behke nain” in the background.

There is a lot of clapping. Shubh feels jealous. Mayank recalls Sanjeev’s plans to spike Adi and Kavya’s drinks. Adi and Kavya dance on Tum kya mile. Shubh tries to approach Kavya. Adi and Kavya argue. Giriraj enters the party. Adi tells Kavya to trust me once, but I wished I had been wrong. Adi kisses Kavya. Giri calls out Adi. They get away. Everyone arrives.

The son of Jaideep greets Giriraj and says he met him in Basantkhedi. Giriraj asks who invited you. Malini replies I did, they are all Adi’s friends who are celebrating together. She goes after Kavya. Giriraj stops Malini. He says let me talk to her. She drinks some alcohol instead of water. She goes to the kitchen. Giriraj asks if she wants water. He serves her some water.

He says that Bachva is bitter, but if it’s added to Sarso ka Saag, it’s a good blend, and I’ll make it for you. She says no. He says I want such a girl for Adi, but you aren’t. She replies, okay, why are you telling me this? My mind is sharp, I know it. Love just happens. People think they will win, but when things go wrong, they run away. This doesn’t happen in marriage, one gets married by thinking well. Kavya asks what you want to say and I’m unsure.

He says you are smart, don’t talk like fools, Adi is a rabbit, you are a tortoise, you and Adi are not a match, loving him won’t give you anything. He says yes. He remembers her moments with Adi. Giriraj asks what are you thinking. Kavya smiles and says thank you very much, you don’t know what you did. He asks what. She leaves laughing. Everyone watches. Mayank and Shubh take her in the car. Main pareshaan…plays… They leave. Adi watches in wonderment.

Upon getting her home, Shubh and Mayank ask what happened. She responds that when I came from Basantkhedi, my mind was all over the place, and I felt like slapping you, Shubh. Mayank smiles. Having cleared my confusion with Giriraj, Kavya says that now I understand what I am feeling. I don’t love you Shubh, I love Adi. Shubh is shocked. She smiles and says that she loves Adi.


Kavya and Adi share a moment. Gauri says she will go to Adi, you have done great things in Basantkhedi. Shubh and Gauri get the pandit to fix a date for their wedding.

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