Barsatein 17th November 2023 Written Episode: Aradhana’s Shocking Revelation and Reyansh’s Proposal


Barsatein 17th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode opens with Aradhana questioning Reyansh’s presence. He responds by saying he came for her. Viren intervenes and asks Aradhana why she didn’t inform him earlier, accusing her of taking advantage of their kindness. He expresses regret for trusting her and paying a heavy price, admitting that he should have kicked her out on the first day. He says Malini said this girl had deceived us; she probably used a false story of searching for her mother to gain our sympathy. Reyansh counters by insisting that her story is true and asks if they want to know who she is. Frustrated, Aradhana tells him to be quiet. He reveals that Mimi Sehgal, or Malini Khanna, is Aradhana’s mother. Viren is stunned by this revelation.

According to Reyansh, Aradhana sacrificed a lot for your family but has ruined herself and left me. She has destroyed her love for her mother; this mom is watching her insult today. He looks at Malini. Malini cries. He asks if this is true. Malini nods and says yes, Aradhana is my daughter, my blood. Reyansh asks Malini if you will lie now and refuse to accept your daughter, what low can you fall? She does not deny what Aradhana did.

Viren is shocked. He asks Malini before marriage…. He leaves in anger. Aradhana says I came to bid you bye, I didn’t know this would happen. I’m returning home to my parents, who are my family. I can’t stay here. In Aradhana’s words, you can’t go. Malini cries and hugs her. Aradhana leaves. Reyansh stops her and says Malini didn’t take your side. Aradhana asks who gave you this right, and he says your love. They argue.

She claims you’re bad luck to me, so stay away. We have no connection now. He responds with a “let’s wait and see.” She then departs, leaving Kriti to enter the police station. Handing Jai’s bail papers, she announces her arrival as Kriti Khurana, who is here to rescue him. The inspector informs her that a woman has already saved Jai and bailed him out. Kriti expresses gratitude and mentions Aradhana’s name. Confused, Jai asks what happened and if she is hurt. Kriti questions how Aradhana managed to bail him out. They argue until Jai reveals that Aradhana is returning to Delhi that day. Kriti realizes she must take action quickly and watches as Aradhana leaves in a cab. Meanwhile, Reyansh observes from afar, believing that they cannot be apart from each other and he will follow her wherever she goes. With tears rolling down her face, Aradhana remembers Malini while the song “Ungli Pakad Ke” plays in the background…

Harsh and Bhakti greet her return home. She recalls Harsh’s words. He asks her why you left, you didn’t miss me. She answered that you asked me not to show my face again. He hugs her. She cries. She hugs Bhakti and Jagruti. She enters her room. She hears the sound of a dhol. She goes out. Bhakti asks her to have the milk. Aradhana asks if anybody is getting married here. Bhakti says maybe the Guptas have a function. Harsh goes out. She goes out.

Reyansh shows off his dance moves and hands out sweets while giving out cards to everyone. Harsh inquires with a man about the wedding, checking the card for details. Pooja arrives and warmly embraces Aradhana, who reveals that her husband was instrumental in introducing them to each other, and they used to converse regularly. She playfully teases Reyansh but then decides not to dwell on it. Bhakti jokingly assures Aradhana that she won’t allow Reyansh’s presence to overshadow her. Curious, Harsh asks Aradhana about whom they are talking about, prompting the man to reply that it is her daughter. Harsh rushes back home in a hurry, where he seems visibly annoyed. Upon being asked by Bhakti, he revealed that he could not get the chole (a traditional Indian dish) due to an issue with the card.

Harsh asks Aradhana what happened. Aradhana says everything has been over. Harsh says it is over. Bhakti says I have seen his truth, Aradhana won’t marry him, I won’t let this marriage happen. Harsh worries. Aradhana is angry and goes outside with a bucket of water. Harsh says I will talk to him.

Aradhana says no, I’ll go. I’m not scared of him. When she goes to Reyansh, she asks what’s going on. He feeds her sweets. He asks them to dance. She asks what are you doing? He says everyone is having fun. He says Aradhana weds Reyansh so we will be Araansh together or Reyadhna, which is better. She says I’m not marrying you, and I still hate you, she says.


Aradhana and Reyansh meet in an accident when Harsh says this marriage can’t happen. Reyansh says we’ll leave the world if we can’t live together.

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