Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st September 2023 Written Update

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 21st September 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode opens with Vandana removing the mannat cloth as Shivam stands by her side. Bobby and Kunal observe from a distance. Concerned, Kunal asks if she is making the right decision since she already has so many problems. Kunal then reminds her that time and work wait for no one; she must catch up quickly as it is Vandana’s first day on the job and each day will bring new challenges. Vandana sets Shivam down and heads to buy necessary items for her job. Mrunal comments that they make a perfect pair, recalling how well they looked together in a photo with Vaibhav. She contemplates him as a potential partner, remembering their past interactions. Feeling hopeful, Mrunal sends an audio message to Vaibhav who responds with laughter after listening to it. He agrees that they did look good together and upon receiving a request for a coffee date from Mrunal, he seems interested. Meanwhile, Vandana plans on telling Vaibhav about her new job but is interrupted by Mrunal who playfully flirts with Vaibhav over the phone causing him to reject Vandana’s incoming call.

Vandana informs me she has only 5 minutes. She hurries to Kunal’s house, carrying all the necessary items. He inquires if he should applaud, take the things inside and get started; she’ll have to manage on her own. Before beginning, he requests the bill. Examining it, he feels that 500 rupees is too little. Pammi labels Vandana as a thief. She clarifies that she hasn’t stolen anything – it’s just that since this is the first day of your new recording studio, I brought Ganpati as a good luck charm. Please accept it as a gift, Vedika. Gladly, Vedika accepts the idol and smiles at Vandana gratefully. “Vandana has gone out of her way,” Kunal retorts skeptically. Observing his brand new studio for the first time, Vandana gets sentimental and hums a tune to express her emotions.

Kunal informs me that I have been hired for a specific role, not as a singer. He emphasizes the importance of the recording room and assigns me the task of cleaning it. After providing me with a to-do list, he urges me to get started. In the meantime, she decorates the space. Vaibhav then contacts her and invites her to come over at 6pm to accompany him in purchasing a mangalsutra. She inquires about Aai’s arrival from ashram, but he is confused and suggests they meet later in the evening to finalize things. This stirs up her memory of his mother’s deceit, prompting her to call back. Kunal interrupts their conversation by reprimanding her for losing focus on work while receiving personal calls at his studio. Later on, Vijay arrives home and expresses his longing for Aaji and Vandana upon seeing the aftermath of the storm. Despite this, he remains optimistic that they can rebuild their home together and calls out for Vandana’s whereabouts.

Mrunal is currently occupied doing Kunal’s bidding. Curious about her condition, Kunal inquires what’s happening. Exhausted and famished, Vandana stumbles. Perceiving her state, Kunal questions her actions. Vandana requests a brief respite to replenish her energy before continuing. This reminds Kunal of his mother and he grants her permission to take a break, emphasizing the importance of performing duties responsibly. Returning home, Vandana spots Vijay and rushes to embrace him. Observing Kunal’s behavior, Vijay becomes enraged and decides to confront his father about his disrespectful behavior towards women and elders. However, Vandana prefers to handle the situation on her own as it is her battle to fight.


Kunal shouts and calls Vandana. He asks her to clean up the mess.

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