Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th November 2023 Written Episode: Kunal Confronts Shocking Truths

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 14th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on

As the episode begins, Vandana and Kunal engage in a heated discussion regarding Tara. She lectures him how to handle Tara as her father and reminds him to behave accordingly. Kunal retorts by taunting her about being an interfering mother figure. This upsets Vandana, causing her to recall Vaibhav’s words. She then comforts Tara, assuring her that everything will be okay and she is there for her. Concerned, Tara asks why Kunal got angry again, to which Vandana responds with a hug.

In contrast, Kunal tells Vandana that their lives will be happier if she stays with them. Despite their tension, Vandana assures Tara that everything will work out. Meanwhile, Vaibhav watches incriminating videos and plots to use them against them to make himself look like a hero in their eyes.

Mrunal affirms Vandu’s urgent desire for divorce, adding that Hemant should sell the house and Vandana will give him the share. Kunal and Bobby arrived for a meeting to inquire about Vandana’s absence. Bobby assures that she will join soon. Inder and Sonia also join them, with Inder mentioning their companies’ competition and offering luck for securing the deal. He encourages Kunal not to back down but rather try one last time. He then brings up the paternity test, congratulating him on becoming a father to Tara.

Sonia had previously informed Kunal, who initially doubted her but could not deny the evidence of the medical report. Inder then suggests to Kunal that they grab coffee before he leaves, to which Kunal responds that he needs to meet his friend and will see Sonia later. As he leaves, Sonia gives chocolates to Tara and asks Bobby to pass on her message of love. However, upon discovering this, Kunal throws the chocolates and reprimands Sonia. A heated argument ensues between them as Kunal questions why she kept his daughter away from him for 7 years, knowing that he wanted a girl child. Just then, Inder arrives and observes the situation with a smile. Kunal turns to Inder and demands an explanation from Sonia about their daughter. Vandana enters and watches silently.

I have dreamt a lot about my daughter for the past seven years. Why did you do this? You didn’t care about me, and you kept her away from me. When I get close to hug her, I stop, I get shaken, you know why, I see your cheat in her, I’m the unfortunate man in the world, I’ve always wanted a daughter, but I can’t hug her now, I’ll hate you forever.

Sonia says whatever I did was right, and you deserve this. Kunal asks if I deserve this. You deserve this, she says. I’ve raised Tara alone, and I hated you. I brought her here to take care of her. You wanted a daughter, and I didn’t want. I handled her. You should thank me, and if you ask me, I’d say you don’t deserve anyone’s love forever. Vandana and Bobby feel bad for Kunal. Sonia leaves.

Kunal starts to cry, and Bobby immediately offers him support. Kunal then expresses his desire to go back home and cancel the meeting. Bobby agrees. However, Vandana disagrees, reminding Kunal that they cannot afford any more losses and fears he may become angry at her if he cancels the meeting. Vandana and Bobby urge him to stay strong and not give in to his emotions. They remind him that he has come this far to win the contract, and it’s important to show courage in the face of their competition’s cheating tactics. Vandana offers Kunal some water and encourages him to enter the meeting confidently. She reminds him that winning this contract is crucial for their company, and they will do whatever it takes to succeed. Bobby also expresses his agreement with Vandana’s words.


Vandana shouts as Vaibhav defames Kunal and pushes her out. Kunal holds Vandana. He grabs Vaibhav’s neck and pushes him.

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