Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 11th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Naren’s Birthday Celebration Turns Tense

Kuch Reet Jagat Ki Aisi Hai 11th March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

Samta organizes the birthday party while Jalpa taste-tests the food. However, upon spotting Hetal, she accidentally drops her spoon and quickly comes up with an excuse. Samta then fills a plate with various sweets and offers it to Jalpa, who happily accepts. The two discuss the strained relationship between Naren and Hemraj due to their alliance. Meanwhile, Naren shares everything happening with his friend, unaware that Nandini is not aware of it all. His friend suggests eloping with Nandini, but Naren firmly declines, as it is incorrect. Later, Rupa informs Naren that Hemraj is looking for him downstairs, and he agrees to see him.

Upon seeing Sujan and his family members, Naren feels upset and taken aback. Initially deciding to retreat to his room, Hemraj signals to Chanchal, prompting her to approach Naren. Despite Chanchal’s plea for him not to enter, Naren expresses his disappointment with Hemraj’s actions. Despite his initial resolve to enter, Anusya Baa intervenes and leads him to where everyone is gathered, leaving Naren helpless.

Kavita criticized Samta’s saree-wearing style, but Kinjal corrected it. Sujan and Kavita then surprised Naren with an expensive watch, only to have him reject it against Hemraj’s wishes. After cutting the cake, Hemraj ensured Sujan got the first piece, which didn’t sit well with Naren. The tension quickly dissipated as Naren fed cake to both Hemraj and Chanchal. And just when everyone thought things were back on track, Hemraj offered Naren the chance to ask for anything he wanted as a birthday present. With a sign of encouragement from Chanchal, Naren boldly declared that he wished to Nandini – shocking the entire family. Much to their surprise, Hemraj promised to fulfill this request as well.

Hemraj summons Nandini, attracting everyone’s attention, including Naren. As a father, he assures Naren that he will fulfill his wish. Kirti arrives, draped in finery, causing both Sujan and Kavita to rejoice. Ronak confides in his cousins about Hemraj’s plan to trap Naren and lead him down the same path as himself, while Jalpa laments their misfortune to Rupa. Hemraj announces to Naren and the rest of the family that he has changed Kirti’s name to Nandini with the blessing of Sujan and Kavita. Naren gazes on with tears in his eyes.

Hemraj, Kavita, and Sujan inquired if Naren was content with Nandini. Hetal fulfills Naren’s request by providing him with a bowl. Naren then seeks permission from the Dharamshis and Hemraj to alter Nandini (Kirti). Within the bowl, Naren instructs Kirti to place all her jewelry, advising her to refrain from wearing any in the future as Nandini doesn’t value such adornments.

Kirti explains her fondness for jewelry to Naren. However, Naren reminds her of her new identity as Nandini. This revelation shocks Sujan, Kavita, and Hemraj, while the younger Ratansi members appear pleased. As Kirti reluctantly removes her jewelry, she becomes melancholic. Naren compares Kirti and Nandini, leaving Sujan, Kavita, Kirti, and Hemraj dismayed. The episode concludes with Kirti feeling offended by Naren’s directive.

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