Meet 11th February 2023 Written Episode Update


I’ll drop Raj and Babita outside, don’t worry I’ll be back soon. Gunwanti tells Imarti that Meet’s nature drastically changed over night, is she acting or has she really changed? Imarti says to Gunwanti that Meet changed, she had khichadi in her hands. Jasodha says to Imarti that I was sitting on her, what could I have done? Manmeet says to everyone that I know she is here to take documents, but I will not allow it.

Meet tells Raj and Babita that Manmeet betrayed us and now I’ll take revenge on him. She asks them not to worry about her. Raj says he believes you can stand on your own in front of Sarkar after seeing you inside. Babita says I know it’s hard to win from our enemy, but I believe in you. Meet says I promise not to step back. My husband’s dream will come true, and all the women in this village will be free from Sarkar. Raj and Babita leave together after Babita hugs her tightly.

Manmeet says why don’t we play some difficult game. Meet says I’m ready; tell me what the game is. Sarkar tells Meet that you can live in this house but you need to follow some strict rules. Our first rule is to obey your husband and accept whatever he asks of you, if you do, we welcome you to Sarkar’s palace. Meet says I’m ready. Sarkar asks Manmeet to tell him about his wish. Manmeet says I want her to help Shagun get ready and bring her to Mandap. Will Meet be able to do that?

Manmeet says second marriage is common in Sarkarpur; Narendra Bhai married twice, once to Sapna and later to Imarti, with Sapna bhabhi helping her to get ready. Then Sapna hesitates, but says yes. Then Manmeet asks Meet to tell him if he will do it or not. Meet is pondering a lot.

Jasodha thinks she is trapped now, I will marry Shagun and register the marriage if she says yes, and if she says no, I’ll throw her out of the house. Manmeet says what are you thinking. Jasodha and everyone smiling. She looks at the bride’s dress and jewelry and says it looks so beautiful, so she asks Manmeet to touch it. Manmeet asks her what she means.

He says you are so dumb, you said you had to get married again and I’m supporting you and mocking him. Meet says I’ll get you married and follow the ritual of this house, I have no problems getting married. I told Meet I knew you would play dirty games, which is why I said yes for marriage to Shagun, but I will not let you marry her. Jasodha says to Meet to listen carefully my son won’t take you as his wife because he loves Shagun. He says okay, but he carries my name in his name, MAN-MEET. He tells Shagun to come, and I will help you get ready and walk away with her.

Meet and Shagun are in the same room. Shagun asks Meet do you feel angry with Manmeet for what he did with you or did you start loving him? Meet tells Shagun no, he is my husband and I have to take care of his happiness.

If you are waiting for Manmeet to love you, forget it since I love him a lot and he won’t get close to you. Meet puts dupatta on her head. Meet believes Shagun this jealousy will break your marriage with Manmeet. A room is occupied by Sarkar and Jasodha. Sarkar says I don’t understand what she is planning. Jasodha says I’ll get revenge on Meet and throw her out because she is stuck like a leech. Jasodha gets up and says I’ll swear an oath.

Then he says shut up, you won’t take any oaths, we are still paying for the earlier ones. Manmeet walks over, embraces her and says don’t worry, we will take revenge on Meet, you should celebrate my lovely wife coming along.

Shagun hears Meet say, “I made you this face pack myself, since yesterday everyone painted your face black.” Manmeet comes in between and holds Meet’s hand, asking her what she is doing. He asks her if she has mixed anything, so he can see what she is doing.

It is said that I haven’t mixed anything with this. As Manmeet gets closer to her, he says apply it to her face. He takes a face pack in his hand and applies it to Meet’s face. Meet says now you will believe I haven’t mixed anything with this. Once you wipe your face, you’ll know the truth about face packs, says Manmeet.

She wipes her face and asks him whether she looks beautiful. Manmeet walks off. Meet teases Shagun by telling her about the bet that Manmeet made with his brothers, but I am his first wife, so he applied a face pack to my face, so you ought to get used to being his second wife, and she offers her face pack.

Imarti is working nearby. Meet says you can ask Imarti too, she was brought to this house with all the celebrations, but she still doesn’t have love. Shagun says stop talking nonsense.

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