Anupama Written update 2nd February, 2023

Anupama written update

When her daughter was right in front of her, so why didn’t she meet her? Anupama asks Maaya this question. According to her, she had no money to even have food and would walk miles to buy gifts for her daughter to save money. Her ordeal describes how she suffered from poverty and how she could not even touch her daughter despite passing by her many times. She describes how she fought fate and gained success.

Toshu starts his jokes at Shah house. He puts multiple business cards on Little Anu’s birthday present and brags about how he will dominate the catering business in the city. Vanraj wonders why he fixed so many cards on the gift. He replies saying that if Maaya missed one he would see the others. Kinjal says he should fix 1-2 cards and not 10-15. Hasmukh brings silver anklets for Little Anu. Leela says why did he buy that, she is already giving 1001 rupees to her. Hasmukh asks why she wants to go there. Toshu says to insult Anupama. Hasmukh warns her that she can attend the party provided she behaves well with Anupama and does not humiliate Dimple there. Leela replies that she is going there to watch some drama and not to create one.

Maaya continues to describe her ordeal and informs that she worked hard and became self-sufficient to care for her daughter. When she arrived at the orphanage to pick up her daughter, she was injured and hospitalized for two months, and later discovered her daughter was being fostered by someone else. Now she wants to be with her daughter forever.

When Anupama asks her about her husband, Maaya says she has no family outside of Little Anu, and she knows what Anupama is trying to accomplish, so she isn’t going to talk about it. Barkha tells Ankush that Anupama is preparing a cake with Maaya and is being too cordial to her. She asks Ankush if he has found any information. Akush says he has solid evidence against Maaya and will present it after the party the next day.

Kavya chats with a friend in London and says that she will meet with her friend as she will be in London for ten days. Leela frowns and tells Vanraj that they should stop Kavya from going to London, just as they stopped Anupama from going to America.

Maaya says she will decorate the house for the party. Little Anu rejoices more and goes to her room after seeing 2 cakes and 2 dresses from her two mothers. Anupama asks Maaya that they both decide they will do everything together why did she say she will do the decoration? Maaya says, her event management company will handle decorations, Anupama and she can supervise; why should they work when they can get paid for it. Ankush taunts that she knows all the paid services one can receive. Maaya replies that even distant relatives get closer for money.

She asks Anupama to let her sleep with her daughter tonight, knowing Anuj will refuse, she doesn’t want to hide anything. Maaya says she wants to give all her collected gifts to her daughter tonight. Ankush laughs. She permits and says she can only tonight, and thinks she will be exposed after the party tomorrow after her birthday. Maaya wonders why Anuj easily agreed if he found out something. Anupama is concerned about these fights, she wants her daughter’s birthday to be a success.

Little Anu asks why Maaya is crying. She responds that she feels guilty for abandoning her daughter and describes how she misses her first word, the first step, singing lullabies for her, etc. Maaya promises that she won’t go away from her and says she shouldn’t leave her. Little Anu says that her mummy, papa, and now Maaya all say the same thing. She asks if she can sing her a lullaby and make her sleep. Maaya becomes happy. Little Anu says mummy told her not to hate Maaya since she left her for some reason. She sings a lullaby and makes Maaya sleep. Anuj and Anupama watch that and sadly return to their room. Little Anu notices them and walks to them. They happily wish her a happy birthday. Maaya also wish her happy birthday, find her missing, realize she must have gone to Anuj and Anupama, and sing her a happy birthday song. She gets a call, picks it, and looks tensed.

Let Little Anu’s birthday end tomorrow, and Anuj will get into action. Maaya tells her friend Sushma that she needs her help tomorrow as well, so she will go to them tomorrow.

Precap: In Little Anu’s birthday party, Shahs and Kapadias dance. Ankush reveals that Maaya is a cheap dancer and doesn’t know Little Anu’s father’s name. Maaya slaps him.

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