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In Vani’s room, Masoom, Vani, Abhay and the doctor were gathered. The doctor reassured them that both Vani and the baby were safe after their fall. However, Abhay was visibly frustrated as his plan did not go as intended. Masoom then chimed in, stating that it was not an accident but rather a deliberate act by someone who caused Vani to fall. She showed Vani her torn lehenga as evidence and expressed her determination to hold the responsible person accountable for their actions. Meanwhile, Pankhuri was feeling angry after getting slapped because of Sumeet’s actions. Exhausted from their difficult life, she looked at Raj’s photo on her phone and felt that only he could help her escape this situation. In a desperate move, she decided to call Vani on video to show her Raj.

During the video call, Pankhuri notices Raj speaking to a girl and ponders if she is his romantic partner. Upon closer examination, she realizes it is her friend Kavita. Raj then requests Kavita’s help in providing emotional support to Vani, in hopes of preventing any trauma. However, Kavita receives a text from someone who claims to be Raj’s girlfriend, warning her to stay away from him. Believing it to be Priyanka’s number, she shows it to Raj, causing him to become upset. Later on, Raj visits Shlok’s home with gifts and confidently declares that he will not cave in to their objections this time. He urges them to accept his gestures of goodwill.

Poonam joyfully receives the gifts and expresses remorse for previous events. She proclaims that henceforth, Sumeet is like a daughter to her and commends Raj’s upbringing. Raj confronts Priyanka, who is unaware of the situation. Afterwards, Sumeet and Shlok sit on a swing while their father explains the Teej ritual. Poonam contemplates about pretending to be married while being a widow. The father suggests creating clay idols of Gods, and all the women participate. Poonam seeks forgiveness for concealing the truth from her loved ones.

As the worship ritual commences, the ladies are instructed by their father to gaze at the moon’s reflection in the water. Memories associated with the moon resurface for Shlok and Sumeet. Shlok reaches for sindoor to anoint Sumeet’s forehead, but his gesture is interrupted by Raunak. Ignoring Sumeet’s protests, Raunak attempts to touch her, but she defends herself and pushes him away. Just then, Shagun makes her entrance and Raunak informs her of their supposed marriage and his right to apply sindoor on her behalf. This angers Raj who demands an explanation from Shagun about Raunak’s presence. In response, Shagun discloses that Raunak is part of their next task, which requires them to house him for a week.

Poonam informs that Raunak requires medical treatment for his unstable mental state. Sumeet declines to participate in the task, but Shagun warns her by bringing up Akki’s situation. She emphasizes that they are contractually obligated to complete the task, or else Shlok will permanently lose his voice. After Raunak attacks Priyanka, Raj steps in to help, but she insists that she doesn’t need his assistance. Shagun directs them to care for Raunak with love and hands over his schedule and prescription, reminding them that it is part of the task to make him better. Sumeet speaks with Shagun and appeals to her as a fellow mother, asking if Akki can speak with Anju and Rajiv. Despite this, Sumeet remains determined to finish the task.


In a surprise move, Raunak decorates the room and says from today on we will sleep together and make suhagraat together. Sumeet shouts and asks Raunak to leave. Shlok intervenes and saves Sumeet.

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