Meet 8th January Written Update

Ahlawat hugs Meet. Meet shivers. He says to be strong, or else they will doubt us. Everyone is working in the laundry room. Meeting Ahlawat in the hall keeping an eye on terrorists. Numbers 1 and 3 ask them for water. Meet Ahlawat gets worried, he says I have water. He gives water to Number 1 and sits beside her. Outside, police are aiming for the hospital.

Ahlawat tries to the Internet with Number 1 and says I don’t believe you can finish a bottle of alcohol alone. Number 1 drinks a bottle in front of Ahlawat. He tells the doctor not to go outside until we don’t return. Number 1 says I’ll go check commander. Meet Ahlawat says the Chief asked not to go because the doctor can’t concentrate. Number 1 says she doesn’t believe the doctor and starts moving. Meet Ahlawat stops her.

I meet the chief out of the door and think about how I’ll go out. Ahlawat starts dancing in front of the terrorists. They start enjoying themselves. Meet throw scissors and break glass. The chief outside gets alert and starts looking. Meet gets out of the room and runs towards the laundry room. When Ragini first sees Meet, she gets emotional and hugs her and says you hurt yourself a lot. Meet says no worries, we need to concentrate on getting out of here.

Number 1 asks Meet Ahlawat to get one more bottle. Meet Ahlawat and leaves the room. Ahlawat hugs me in the laundry room. It is Number 1 who asks Number 3 to wake everyone up and make them dance. Number 3 asks everyone to get up. Meet Ahlawat asks Meet are you okay? Meet replies don’t worry we have to get everyone out safely. Meet Ahlawat ask everyone to be quick. Meet replies nearby room has a big window.

I will ask everyone in my village to be like Meet, a woman can do anything. Meet Ahlawat starts smiling and says we can make our factory in her village where every woman can get employment. Both of them get happy and say we need to leave fast. If you said, then it’s done.

The second person wakes up and tries to leave the room. The Chief walks into the hall. Number 3 asks what happened. The Chief replies that we need to check on Number 2 in the bathroom. Number 3 asks what happened. We will meet to make an evacuation point and make the necessary arrangements.

The third person walks out to bring the ward boy. Meet Ahlawat explains the evacuation process to everyone. Meet reassures a kid not to be scared. Number two walks to the chief and says we’ve been tricked, Meet is alive and the ward boy is working with her. Young children start evacuating. An old man gets scared. Meet Ahlawat tries to calm him down.

Two of them try to break the wall to get out of there. Chief says that girl is dead in the OT room for kidney surgery. Terrorists remove the blanket and discover that it is empty. Everyone evacuates from the building. Meet tells us to bring the doctor. Number 3 opens door and sees Meet and Meet Ahlawat inside.


In order to save Meet Ahlawat, Meet threw Meet out of the building as he had a time bomb tied to his leg. Meet saw the explosion as he fell.

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