Pandya Store 7th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Dhara says Shiva left me today, he used to be my strength. She cries and gets sad. Dev worries. Dhara comes to him. She says I have packed food for Rishi, but she will refuse, you feed it to her, and feed kesar milk to Chutki if the doctor allows.

Dev asks how you do all this, Rishita insulted you a lot, you got the money for me. She says we got 1 lakh after making medical insurance, deposit this in the hospital, and Chutki should be fine.

Dhara says she told that in anger, she doesn’t hate me if anything happens to me, won’t she stand for me, I made a mistake, Dev, I used my mind too much, I forgot that Chutki is a little baby and Rishita is her mum, your happiness is most important to me, even Pandya store isn’t as important as you.

Dhara is selling dosas outside the food. Shiva goes out and sees Dhara’s dosa stall. He asks what he is doing here. Suman and everyone come. Dev hugs her. Krish, Raavi and Gautam also hug her.

Dhara says I learnt this from you, a Gujarati can never stop earning. Gautam says you didn’t tell me. She says I will tell you later. Dev arrives. Rishita asks him to take a rest, and Krish will take the things. Dev says I wish I had Chutki’s insurance too, I need Rs. 50000 now.

Dr. checks Chutki. Rishita asks about Chutki’s mental issue. He says kids understand anger and tensions, we should create a good environment at home, she can also have a long-term disorder. Rishita worries. Shiva gets a call about the fight. Shiva sees Dhara. He asks him how many people will be fighting, when and where. The man says the same place, in the evening. Raavi asks what are you doing, you won’t do this fight. Shiva says I can fight if Dhara can sell the dosa on the roads. She says no, please.

He said don’t say anything that I refuse and you feel bad, I will fight. Raavi asks Dhara to explain to Shiva, he can also reach the hospital, but our time is running out. You speak to Shiva, he won’t keep my promise if he doesn’t want to, I won’t say anything to him. Dhara asks who am I to talk to between you both, you talk to him. Shiva says to try to understand Raavi. He leaves.

Dhara says let me walk on some path with peace, what do you want, you always hold me wrong, you tell me clearly what to do. Krish says I’ll help you. Dhara asks him to go to work. Dhara asks Suman to go inside and eat, and Suman asks her to give them dosa and idlis. He says I know you are upset, don’t act normal, I am sorry. The man gives Dhara the food order and says you did well to set up this stall. Dhara receives the money and thanks them.

Dhara takes Suman’s blessings. Rishita says it’s good you’ve come, the doctor said the child can have a negative impact on the entire family. I promise we will leave that house. Dhara is still selling the dosas. Shweta passes by and taunts Dhara. Dhara says I will give you a plate of dosa if you want, otherwise, you may leave. Dhara recalls Shweta’s words. She asks her to sit. She makes the dosa. Shweta eats it and coughs.

Dhara taunts her. She splashes the chutney over her clothes. Shweta gives her some money. Dhara demands the money. Dhara says come again. Suddenly, Shweta says she has a buyer for her store. Dhara is shocked. Shweta says she will sell it in two days. Dhara goes to Gautam. She says Shweta promised to sell her store in two days. Dhara asks what happened, are Chutki and Rishita okay. Dev says the doctor prescribed an injection worth Rs, 50000, how can I get the money now?


Shiva says I’ve decided to fight. Shiva gets badly beaten up. Raavi runs to Shiva to comfort him.

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