Pandya Store 6th January 2023 Written Episode Update

Doctor explains that Chiku has fallen into trauma. Shweta asks her lawyer to get her divorced soon. Rishita cries and hugs Dev. Dev asks her to be strong. Raavi asks Rishita not to lose courage. Dhara asks why it goes wrong when I try to do good.

Gautam asks why do you try; your thinking will ruin Pandyas. Rishita says she’s going away once Chutki’s better. Dev gets a call. He says I’ve lost my job. Shishi says we’re not going anywhere, Dhara would be happy now, congrats, but I hate you more. Dhara cries. Suman says Chutki will be okay, Dev will get another job, but you can’t take these bitter words back, so stop it. Chiku comforts Dhara.

Kaki comes to Shweta and argues with her. Shweta tells her to get lost. Kaki says I got the store sold. I should stop thinking about everyone. Dhara says I should focus on Chiku, Gautam, and Suman now. She blames herself. Dhara says it’s okay, I did wrong with Chutki. Rishita says you accepted who are your priorities in this house. Dev says I know you are worried about Chutki, but that’s not the way to talk to others.

I wanted my Pandya store back because I was going to keep the earnings alone, so you don’t want to see my face, so you don’t need to scold me. She says Raavi hates me already, I made her leave the job, but when everything is fine between Raavi and Shiva now, Raavi is jobless, and I should have understood that my children are no longer children, they have their own minds to think for themselves, so I won’t be thinking for them.

In the same way that you have accepted the Pandya store in the past, I will also accept it.

I told a man about this store, and he is willing to pay 12 lakhs, let me know if you want to sell it. Shweta asks did you find someone to buy the store for 50 lakhs? Kaki says no, just 12 lakhs.

She is scolded and told to leave by Shweta. Kaki says everyone knows your deed, so you won’t get any more money for this store. Suman says we have to get the Pandya store back, you talked big things, but what happened to the promise? If you have to take the family along, then you can’t lose. Dhara says what shall I do, my fight isn’t just with Shweta, my entire family is against me, Shweta will win when everyone thinks I’m a villain, how shall I fight, what shall I do?

You won’t get any buyers, Kaki says. Shweta says let me think and tell you. Kaki says give me 1 lakh commission, sorry Dev, Chutki is in the hospital today. KK asks why you are saying this, anyone can make such a mistake. Shweta starts laughing. Kaki asks what happened. Shweta asks where one lakh will be kept. Kaki advises her.

Shweta insults her. Kaki leaves. Doctor comes. Rishita asks if Chutki is ok. The doctor says she has started urinating, but she can recover before that. They deposit one lakh at the counter and fill out an admission form.

Dev hugs Rishita and consoles her. Shiva says we have to arrange money. Raavi says you don’t need to fight, we’ll give Dev our savings, but you won’t fight. You are thinking only of me, he says, did you ever see Dhara lose, she always stood up for the family, she kept the family together.

Shiva says Pandya store isn’t anything, but our mom, I was against Dhara, but when I saw Mum’s sad face, I realized she also had hoped for Dhara, so Mum got heartbroken as well. Raavi tells Dhara not to get emotional, her intentions were good, but something went wrong.

Raavi says Dhara got us married against our will because her priority was to get Dev and Rishita married, she didn’t think of Chutki today to get the death certificate, but if we had worked today, the family could have been handled, but we all lost our jobs when our business closed, and you allowed Dhara to handle everything on her own.


Dhara and the Pandyas want to save the Pandya store, which Shweta warns Dhara about.

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