Meet 6th January 2023 Written Update

Ahlawat hits the terrorist with his hand. He falls to the ground. Sunaina’s door is knocked on by Masum and Ishani, who shows her the video of Meet as a hostage of a terrorist in the hospital. Ishani says nothing is good; Meet is in the hospital.

Meet Ahlawat and Meet tie terrorist legs and hands. Meet Ahlawat and asks her to get back to work. Meet says what if others listen to the voice of breaking? Sunaina asks how this happened and if anyone in the house knows about them and where Ragini is. Masoom says we’re scared after watching this video.

Civilians busy breaking walls. Chief asks everyone to shut up. Meet asks everyone to stop and says there is no noise. There is only one way to save the commander if we transplant kidneys. Chief says you do not worry, someone from here will give you kidneys. During the meeting, ask everyone to get out and join others.

Raj walks over to them and says you won’t say anything to Babita because if she finds out, she won’t be able to handle the information. Sunaina says we should tell Meet Ahlawat. Ram says he already knows and is trying to save them because Ragini and Meet are stuck. If no one says yes, I’ll stab him and take his kidney. The chief asks the doctor to arrange a kidney transplant. The doctor walks away.

Meeting Ahlawat tells Chief if you get to know about him you will get angry. He is in the bathroom not feeling well. Chief tells him to forget him and concentrate on the commander. We should pray for everyone’s safety during this time if everything goes well here. Raj says this time is about supporting each other.

Chief says make arrangements to save my brother, we will bring a kidney to you, if anything happens to him you will die. Number 3 says let’s take the kidney from Meet, she’s already dead. If you give me permission, I’ll go inside the hospital with my team. Meet Ahlawat asks the Chief about Meet’s body. He says come, I’ll take you. He tells Ragini to place Meet in number 3 and lie down as a dead body until then. Ragini walks away to tell Meet.

A reporter outside Ahlawat’s mansion talks to Raj and Ram about Meet and Ragini’s situation. Babita walks out and sees the reporter. She says stop lying, Ragini and Meet are safe.

Meet Ahlawat taking them towards Meet. Ragini looking for room number 4 to save Meet. Meet busy breaking walls. Ragini looking for room number 4 then says I think I’m on the wrong floor. Number one tells the chief this is the wrong way. Chief becomes angry and shouts at Ragini. Ragini looks for Meet and finds the room.

A reporter shows her a video of Meet being held hostage by terrorists. Raj asks Ram to free them. Babita is shocked by the video. Meet Ahlawat outside room number 3 says she does not know whether she is inside or not. Number 1 asks him to move and she opens the door. Meet Ahlawat finds Meet inside. Chief asks to put her on a stretcher.

Meet Ahlawat picks her up and tells her that if the doctor sees Meet he will know she is alive, so we need to save her from him first, and then we will continue our plan. Chief asks him to go quickly. He puts her on a stretcher. Seeing the video Babita says you already know about the situation, Ram too, and neither of you told me about it. Where is Meet Ahlawat?

Terrorists are taking Meet towards OT. Meet looks at them. Meet Ahlawat shouts in pain, saying she is not feeling well. Chief says go away and take her to OT. Meet Ahlawat also knows because when I fed him a potato, he did not react and started crying.

The Chief goes to the OT and asks Number 1 to remove the sofa from the way. Ahlawat hiding nearby thinks it’s good that I blocked their path, he’ll find time to hide. The terrorist removes the sofa and hides beneath the stretcher.

Babita shouted at Raj in panic. Raj, I’m also worried, and I know your condition will worsen, which is why I didn’t tell you. But remember, everyone, will get back safe because Meet Ahlawat promised me he’d bring everyone back, and he always keeps his word.

The chief asks the doctor to begin the operation. The doctor asks him to wait outside. Meet Ahlawat get out of the stretcher and block his mouth saying, calm down she is alive. Meet Ahlawat says we need your help and tells him they are trying to break the wall of room number 4. He says you need to buy us time so we can rescue everyone.

Meet Ahlawat and tells them to stop shouting. The doctor tells them Commander is already dead. Both are in shock. He says I need to help you if we do this we will all die.


Help everyone evacuate the building by meeting at the meeting point.

A terrorist enters the room and says, how can you think you will be able to leave from here? He tells Meet Ahlawat that he came through the drainage pipe to save his wife, and now everyone will die.

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