Pandya Store 5th January 2023 written update

Pandya Store

He threatens Shweta, saying that if I don’t divorce you, what will happen? He scares her. If I tell the counsellor that I love you a lot, you won’t be able to leave the country, it will be fun, and we will take revenge. He asks what are you thinking. She says there are many problems, I won’t get a job, you won’t do boxing. She asks him to leave. Shiva and Raavi enjoy the chaat at the stall. She cries emotionally. He wipes her tears.

Shweta goes to the police station and takes the complaint back. Rishita angrily slaps Shweta. She tells the inspector that Dhara, not my baby, should have been arrested. She feeds Raavi the panipuri. She says it’s really spicy. She feeds him the panipuri. She says it’s so spicy. He asks for water. She asks him to eat more.

Shweta signs the papers. Krish and Dev arrive. Dev hugs Dhara. She scolds Shweta. Rishita broke down today, I will break the entire Pandya family, Shweta says. She leaves. Raavi says this plan may fail. Shiva says to think positive, come, we will see, Krish might have come home. Everyone goes home. Shiva says Shweta is a Chudail, we will get the store back.

Suman asks what happened. She asks why Chutki is sleeping. Shweta checks the picture frame and says what’s so imp in the picture, that Krish and Dhara came to take it? In the police station, Rishita is crying. Shiva asks Dev why he didn’t call. Dev replies that he called you 2 hours ago. Suman asks where Shiva and Raavi are.

She says Chutki is crying a lot. Rishita says she might be hungry. They try to console Chutki. Dhara says she’ll check on her. Rishita pushes her. Dhara falls down. Everyone is shocked. Gautam, Dev, Shiva and Krish hold Dhara. Shiva asks what’s this misbehaviour, and Suman asks why did you push her. Dhara says it’s fine, I made a mistake, nothing to worry about, check Chutki’s diaper once, it was dry before.

Dhara says Chutki should have peed by now, so take her to the hospital. Rishita and Dev leave. Everyone is in the hospital. Dhara tells the doctor about Chutki’s arrest. She says the police station scared him.


In the hospital, Rishia cries for Chutki. The nurse says we must get an injection for Chutki, which costs Rs. 50000. Dev comes home and tells Dhara the news.

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