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Sumeet was feeling uncomfortable near the brothel. Shlok was shocked by the surroundings and told the goons to leave him alone. Poonam prayed for Sumeet’s safety, praying that nothing bad would happen to her.

When Shagun teased Shlok, he asked him if he liked the place. After some guys harassed Sumeet on the street, Shagun told Shlok that his wife would be humiliated. Even though Sumeet tried to protect herself from the guys, they kept harassing her. Shagun told Shlok he could save Sumeet if he wanted, but then she left, leaving Shlok tied up inside the car.

Despite Sumeet’s cries for help, the women nearby refused to assist her, stating that they were just customers. Despite explaining her background and how she didn’t engage in such activities, no one came to her aid. Shagun took pleasure in witnessing Sumeet struggle. While attempting to rescue a girl from a motorcycle accident, Sumeet accidentally fell into a puddle. The girl promised to get help and called her friends. However, when the guys arrived, they disregarded the girls and Sumeet retaliated by throwing mud at them. Witnessing Sumeet’s courageous actions, the women in the area joined in and began beating up the guys. Meanwhile, Shlok managed to free himself from the car.

Sumeet fearlessly battled against the men, even making them don bangles and drape sarees. She labelled them cowards and stressed that women with bangles are just as capable of confronting them. Shagun was fuming as she witnessed Sumeet tackling the crisis bravely. Sumeet urged the women to educate their daughters so they wouldn’t have to face similar situations in the future. The crowd applauded and thanked her for inspiring their children. Shlok apologized for failing to protect Sumeet but promised to always support her. He offered his jacket to keep her dry and escorted her home safely.

Vani pondered Abhay’s peculiar actions. She wondered if his plan was for her to suffer a miscarriage by falling on her torn lehenga, ultimately solving the problems in their relationship. As expected, Vani stumbled and expressed distress. Masoom urged Abhay to contact a doctor, which made him relieved that the baby may no longer be a factor. As Shlok brought Sumeet home, Pankhuri took the opportunity to mock and accuse her of being pushed into the puddle by Shagun. Shlok clarified how Shagun had attempted to ruin Sumeet’s reputation.

Shlok talked about Shagun sending Sumeet to the brothel. Instead of showing sympathy, Pankhuri commented that Sumeet would ruin the family’s reputation. Poonam became angry and slapped Pankhuri, recalling Sumeet’s earlier comments. Poonam expressed how Sumeet struggled to prove herself since she married Shlok. She cried and regretted not being a good mother-in-law to Sumeet.

She wholeheartedly accepted Sumeet and asked for her forgiveness. Sumeet felt overwhelmed and told her that she had found a mother in her. They hugged, and Shlok smiled at their reconciliation. Afterwards, Sumeet and Shlok joined the Teej puja. Anju mentioned not being able to speak to Akki, and Sumeet was unsure about how to reveal that Shagun kidnapped him.


Shagun explains to everyone that Raunak is their next task, they have to keep him for seven days. Shlok applies sindoor to Sumeet’s forehead and promises she will be with her forever. Raunak walks inside and says I’m your husband, not him.

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