Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd November 2023 Written Episode: Akshara’s Heartbreaking Departure Amidst Family Turmoil

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 2nd November 2023 Written Episode Update on

The Episode opens with Akshara telling Muskaan that she has prepared soup for Ruhi and asks her to feed it to her. Muskaan gives a nod in agreement. However, Surekha intervenes and advises Akshara not to worry about Ruhi and stay away from her. This makes Akshara break down in tears, causing everyone else to also become emotional upon seeing Aarohi’s lifeless body. Manish steps in to console Akshara, as the police arrive. The inspector informs them that they need confirmation on whether Aarohi’s death was an accident or if someone is responsible for it. Despite knowing she could be jailed, Akshara is determined to keep Ruhi safe. To their relief, Manish assures the police that no one is accountable for Aarohi’s death, and they leave. He reveals that it was an unfortunate accident but blames Akshara for it.

Akshara pleads to meet her sister despite being held responsible by Akhshara. However, she is rejected as Abhimanyu insists on punishing her by not allowing her to see her sister. Desperate for one last meeting, Akshara is eventually granted the opportunity when Abhimanyu arranges for them to meet. In a heartfelt moment, Akshara promises Ruhi that she will never break. As they are separated once again, Ruhi talks in her sleep, and Akshara rushes to comfort and kiss her. But Ruhi wakes up and harshly accuses Akshara of being an evil “Maasi” who took away both her parents. Despite Akshara’s pleas for forgiveness, Ruhi wants nothing to do with her and even pushes her away before Abhir stops her.

Manish brings Aarohi’s ashes home, and the familiar tune of ‘Yeh Rishta…’ fills the air. Emotions overwhelm everyone, and tears flow freely. Abhir’s anger flares up as he scolds Ruhi for pushing his mother, but she defends herself by claiming that Akshara is a liar who took her mother away from her. The two continue to argue, prompting Akshara to intervene and plead with them to stop. Amid it all, the commotion attracts the attention of Abhimanyu and others, who rush in to see what’s going on. Lastly, Surekha expresses her concern about potential fights breaking out in the house daily now that Aarohi is no longer there to keep peace. Dadi reminds her that it is their fate to live without Aarohi, and they must learn to carry on. Despite seeing Ruhi cry uncontrollably, Dadi refuses to punish Akshara or send her to jail, acknowledging that they must all find a way to move forward without Aarohi.

Surekha says she did not make that statement, so we must find a solution to maintain harmony. Suwarna suggests that our primary focus should be on Ruhi, while the rest can suffer the consequences if they choose. When Sirat left us, Akshara was just a child, and we have forgiven her. However, after what happened with Aarohi, forgiveness is not an option. If we are forced to pick between Ruhi and Akshara, we will choose Ruhi without hesitation. Dadi breaks down in tears and expresses her disapproval. Suwarna insists that we must stand by Ruhi and fight for justice on her behalf. She turns to Manish and makes him promise to do what suits Ruhi’s happiness. Manjiri also sheds tears as she places a garland on Ruhi’s picture, with support from Shefali, who hugs her.

Manjiri questions why we only truly appreciate a person’s worth after they are gone. She shares her thoughts on Aarohi, shedding tears as she looks at pictures of her and Neil. Meanwhile, Akshara prepares to leave, and Dadi inquires about her sudden departure. Akshara explains that staying in this house will only bring pain to Ruhi, who deserves happiness. Despite Dadi’s concerns for her children, she takes Abhir and heads downstairs. In a heartwarming embrace, Dadi bids Akshara farewell, reminding her to stay strong and happy. As the rest of the family remains silent, Manish assures Akshara that their doors will always be open for her. With his blessings, Akshara departs with Abhir as everyone watches through teary eyes.


Akshara waits for Abhimanyu and Abhir. Abhir says it’s your wedding today. Pandit tells about the landslide. Akshara runs to the hospital.

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