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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 2nd August 2023 Written Episode Update on

The episode opens with Natasha reminiscing about the Pandya store and all the special moments shared with her family. As she glances over, she notices Suman peacefully sleeping. Meanwhile, Dhawal arrives with Urmi and inquires about Natasha’s house. He expresses his opinion of her being overly confident, to which she dismissively tells him to go home. Little does he know that Natasha is standing near the window, silently observing their conversation. In another part of the house, Hetal questions Amrish about why they need to pay a large sum of money to a certain girl. Amrish advises her not to use her brain too much and reminds her of her excellent cooking skills. She agrees to deliver food for Maa before returning. Pranali gets into a heated argument with Bhaven, much to Maa’s amusement. She comments that women are expected to adjust according to their husband’s wishes in this household. Suddenly, Natasha spots Dhawal’s shadow and mistakes it for a thief. Suman is taken aback by the mention of a thief and Dhawal quickly hides from sight as he wonders who sleeps with Dadi? Soon enough, Mittu and Shesh make an appearance and turn on the lights to see

The thief remains at large while Dhawal hurries out of the house. Along the way, he calls for help from their neighbors. Meanwhile, Natasha catches sight of someone and decides to investigate. Upon returning home, Urmi assists Suman while Maa instructs Bhaven and Pranali to end their quarrel. She advises Bhaven to eat some homemade food and assures him that Pranali will cook for both of them. Maa also suggests ordering some Chinese food from a nearby stall. She warns against taking out anger on each other, reminding them of Amrish’s behavior earlier. Bhaven expresses his frustration over being mistreated by Amrish despite working hard in the family business and requests Maa to talk to Amrish on his behalf. After settling the matter between her children, Maa reminds them to have their meals and asks Pranali to keep an eye out for the Chinese order. Eventually, Maa wins a bet with Chabeli, who playfully jokes about her dominance in the household during disagreements between everyone else.

As soon as Natasha sees Dhawal, she beats him with a rod. Dhawal screams. Papa to band bajaye… plays… She falls into his arms. In the end, they have a moment. Ishq nazariya…plays… She bites his hand. He says wild cat, I have a proof of your brother’s mistake, see. The phone hangs. She asks if your drama has ended, and then she calls everyone to clap.

Shesh asks Natasha if she’s okay. She says yes. Suman asks what happened. He jumps down the terrace. He falls and gets injured. He gets up and says he’s fine. She leaves. Suman asks what happened. They come downstairs. Suman hugs Natasha and asks if you saw the thief or him. Shesh says I’ll ask my friend to get the grill from India. Suman says I’d like it made in India. We’ll go to sleep now. Natasha thinks that I need to find out what Dhawal wanted to show me.


Amrish shows Natasha the video. He gives her the money. He asks her to sign the paper and get it that evening.

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