Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Kunal Confronts Sonia and Cares for Tara

Baatein Kuch Ankahee See

Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 25th January 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode begins with Atya feeling anxious as Anagha admits to being caught and banned from the Malhotra house. Atya wonders where Vandana and Tara are while Kunal arrives and takes hold of their hands. Inder and Sonia are taken aback as Tara embraces Kunal. Meanwhile, Vaani sincerely prays for Vandana and Tara’s well-being, and Vedika comforts her. Kunal raises his voice at Sonia, and she retaliates, causing him to remind her of the incident where she turned to him for help after Inder had struck her. He emphasizes that she must stand up for herself, especially after he trusted her enough to bring her into his home on their wedding day. He also points out how Vandana willingly married him to become Tara’s mother, while Sonia is betraying his trust by continuing a relationship with Inder.

He reprimands her, stating that she has been replaced. Vandana agrees, attributing it to her actions. Kunal demands that Sonia stay quiet. However, Sonia stands by the fact that Inder had wronged but also helped her raise Tara for seven years. Kunal accuses her of ruining Tara’s life and well-being instead of taking care of her. Sonia counters by saying that he didn’t care for Tara either. In response, he clarifies that Tara will go with him and Vandana while they face imprisonment. He proceeds to call the police for their arrest. Inder claims their innocence to the inspector, while Sonia asserts her position as Tara’s mother. Eventually, they all end up in jail, and Sonia vows revenge against Kunal.

After hugs from Kunal and Vandana, Tara faints, and they take her home. Everyone meets Tara. Vandana tells Vedika everything he knows about Tara. She says she fainted, and the doctor said she’s fine, but she has a weak heart. Kunal takes care of her. He hugs her and cries. Vedika consoles Vandana. Kunal sits talking to Tara. He says Vandana saved her.

He goes out and says Tara won’t go anywhere outside with anyone, she will just go with me and Vandana. He shakes. Vandana cries. Anagha comes home tired. Vijay gives her a cup of tea. She greets him. He says I came a while back, and I was also making tea for you. She thanks him.

She tells him everything. She says Kunal’s real mum has come back. He asks if she’s alive. She laughs and says yes, but she has lost her memory and can’t recall anything. He says Kunal got his mum in this state, Kunal and Vedika will be so hurt, Bappa will make everything all right, I will meet Kunal’s mum when I go to meet Vandana and Tara. Anagha says I will take you there, I made a big mistake, I want to apologize.

Kunal’s mum can come here anytime. She is your big fan. She was staring at your photo and musical instruments like she had an old relationship with you and could come here whenever she wanted. Vandana is hurt. She stumbles while walking. Kunal holds her. Tere naina…plays…

He thanks her and says I have to take care of you. He lifts her and takes her. Bobby asks whether you are okay. She nods. Kunal says wait, Bobby, I need to talk. He goes. Vandana thinks she knows what he wants to discuss, most likely about Mrunal. Vijay turns and sees Mrunal approaching them with his favorite Khari pastries. However, upon seeing Mrunal, Vijay scolds her for some reason. Anagha chimes in, agreeing with Vijay’s reprimand. He even warns Anagha before returning to worrying about Vandana and praying for her well-being. Meanwhile, Pammi eavesdrops on Vaani, murmuring and expressing concern over the possibility of Vaani regaining her memory, as she has heard negative stories about her. As Vaani tries to recall something, Kunal takes Bobby to counsel him privately.

He mentioned my troubles with Sonia and urged me not to repeat the same mistake. He advised me to learn from it and avoid getting involved with Mrunal. He expressed concern for me and said he only said this because he cared, not because she was pregnant. While acknowledging that people can change, he also reminded me of Mrunal’s questionable actions towards others in the past. He emphasized that he could not trust her and did not want me to take risks by associating with her. Reflecting on his experience with Sonia, who he thought had changed but ended up causing problems for Vandana and Tara, he urged me to take my time before making any decisions. As a social media star and an essential member of Kanak Records, I have a lot at stake and need to make wise choices.

I want you to be happy and prosperous, so I sometimes scold you. But when the right time comes, I will be there to cheer for you. Bobby nods in understanding. Kunal expresses his love for him. Overwhelmed with emotions, Bobby hugs him and reciprocates the love. He promises always to consider their feelings and not do anything that might cause them pain. He clarifies that his only concern is their friend, Mrunal, who believes everyone deserves a second chance. Kunal warns him to be cautious as he shows them a social media account. Vandana watches them with a smile, hoping their laughter wards off any negative energy around them.


Vandana asks Kunal to understand Vaani. Vijay misses her.

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