Dabangii 12th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Arya’s Revenge Mission Begins

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Baba scolds Arya and Ankush in the episode, telling them to sleep. He says Arya won’t get chocolate or ice cream tomorrow. Arya asks for biscuits. She says I want them for the dogs. Baba says that you won’t get anything. In Arya’s view, it is wrong, Tanmay is responsible for this, his mum doesn’t beat him for lying, I won’t leave him, he won’t lie again.

She goes. Ankush recalls Zai. Ankush says enough, go and sleep. Baba says enough, go and sleep. I understand why you are concerned about Arya, you didn’t do anything good, Bela and Zai think Arya is your illegitimate child, so I know why you are worried about her. It was hard for Ankush to understand Tanmay and Zai’s mischief, but it is wrong, Zai is being spoiled by Tanmay.

Arya gets sad and thinks of Damini. She misses her. She says she will not sit still, vent her anger, and take revenge on Tanmay. Ankush said she might be thinking about revenge on Tanmay, and her anger is in her blood. He recalls Satya. He says we must save her from this anger. He sees Arya sleeping. He promises to keep his word.

As Arya awakens in the morning, she remembers Damini’s words. Ankush irons his uniform. Baba asks if you will iron it every day. Ankush says yes, it shouldn’t have wrinkles. Arya explained to him that my dad would iron his uniform the same way. He asks her to get milk and to get ready.

Jaanrao stops him outside Satya’s house. Satya comes and sees Ankush. Jaanrao asks Ankush to open Satya’s car. Satya says sorry, I’m helpless. Ankush opens the car door. Jaanrao says Satya is your elder brother, so you must treat him respectfully. It would be best if you made him wear shoes. Otherwise, you may lose your job. Ankush says that’s not my job.

Your ego didn’t go, Satya says. Arya makes Satya wear his shoes. She asks Satya if you can’t wear it yourself, why will Ankush make you wear it? You are a big man, you cannot wear shoes alone, you talk big things and make people afraid. She jokes on him. Satya laughs. She gives the wallet to Ankush and scolds him. Arya goes. Satya says should we leave now. Tanmay scolds a servant. Arya thinks to laugh at Tanmay. She laughs and scares him. They argue.

Kasturi says Satya will get the party ticket tomorrow. Arya thinks I’ll teach him something today. Kasturi says I’ve made all arrangements… The lady asks Aai to do Grahshanti puja. She taunts her about her bahus. Aai asks why. The lady taunts her about her bahus: Your daughter eloped and married, your son is useless, did you do the puja? No. Why do you advise others? The lady leaves. Aai warns Kasturi.

Kasturi worries. Baba asks how Satya got the ticket. Ankush says he played a big game, soiled my character, and got the ticket. Baba asks what you’re saying. Ankush says he got this ticket after ruining my family and killing Damini, so where is Arya? Baba says she’s sleeping. Ankush asks so fast. Seeing Arya sleeping, he caresses her and imagines Zai. Tu jo mila…plays… he goes. In the morning, Arya wakes up and says I’ll go on my secret mission after everyone sleeps.


Tanmay barks when Arya scares him. Satya and Kasturi come. Arya hides. Kasturi sees her.

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