Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vaiju’s Determination to Marry Ranvijay

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 10th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

In the episode, Vaiju helps Ranvijay fall on the road. She holds him and takes him to her bike. He says his car. She says yes, we will take it later. Are you okay? She ties a cloth around his waist and to herself. She takes him on the bike. Vasundhara waits for Ranvijay. Ranvijay talks about love to Vaiju. Vaiju’s words remind her. She brings him home. Vasundhara looks stunned. She asks what happened to him.

As Shambu takes Ranvijay inside, Vasundhara thanks Vaiju. She apologizes, he doesn’t drink habitually, something happened to him, he doesn’t like that. Vaiju stops her. She says, I know, he isn’t in a state, but I’m sure you’re proud of him, he should be fine. Vasundara blesses her. Vaiju returns home. She goes to see Ranvijay and cares for him. She says he is good to me, but I don’t know what he thinks about me. Jaya and Ranvijay were right when they said one cannot leave love because of a fear of rejection.

As Ranvijay wakes up in the morning, Vasundhara gives him lemonade. He says he wasn’t in the right; it was a misunderstanding. That girl doesn’t love me. Jaya broke his heart. He says sorry; I argued with you because of her. Vasundhara hugs him and consoles him. She says Vaiju got you here last night. He asks what. He recalls his words. I scolded her, and she could have avoided helping me.

He says she isn’t like she appears, anyways, I want your happiness, whatever you want. She says no, don’t take any decisions in anger and sorrow, we’ll talk later. He says I don’t want anything, I did something wrong to hurt your heart, please forgive me. She hugs him, Vaiju prays and says he knows what he should do now. She sees Vasundhara and says you’re here.

Vasundhara expresses her gratitude, and Vaiju confesses her feelings for Ranvijay. Vasundhara smiles, and Vaiju assures her that they are ready for marriage. Vasundhara hugs her, knowing that Vaiju’s yes is also from Ranvijay. However, Vasundhara realizes it’s not the right time to discuss this with him and decides to go home. At home, Shambu mentions that Ranvijay hasn’t had breakfast yet, and he is worried. She goes to see him and urges him to eat. Ranvijay refuses, but she insists on feeding him the prasad. He asks her what she wants to say, and she tells him about meeting Vaiju at the temple. She expresses her concern about starting a new relationship in his current mind.

Aai says I met Vasundhara in a temple and told her I’d say yes if her son agreed. He says, you said it right. She worries. He says, I know you care about me, I trust you, I’ll think about her. She says don’t rush, meet her, we can decide later. He says okay. It is her responsibility to inform Aai that you will meet Vaiju tomorrow. She calls Aai and asks if there are any problems with this. Vasundara calls Aai and says Ranvijay wants to meet Vaiju.

Aai says it is okay. Vasundara says he will meet Vaiju tomorrow. Kaveri asks what she said. Aai says Ranvijay will meet Vaiju tomorrow.


Seeing Jaya, Ranvijay gets shocked when he meets Vaiju. Jaya makes tea for him. She asks if he will accept her.

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