Jhanak 24th January 2024 Written Episode Update: Tense Confrontations and Hidden Agendas

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The Episode begins with Brij instructing Jhanak on the dance moves. Suddenly, Arshi appears and notices Anirudh. He seems surprised by her presence and she questions him about it. He explained that he came to invite Brij to the event, but they should have gone together. However, he had to rush there. As he sees Jhanak inside, he starts worrying about the situation. He knows that if Arshi sees her, she will get scolded, which may affect Jhanak’s decision to perform at the event. Trying to devise a solution, he ponders over his dilemma while Jhanak continues to dance and Brij looks on.

I will never regard Brij as my Guru ji, even though Jhanak thinks he is special and talented. Anirudh says I have to tell you something. Arshi says okay, do it. He says listen to me, promise me, don’t you trust me? She says I promise, okay, fine, tell me. He says nothing, and it’s not a big deal. He says, “I’m hungry.” We’ll go out and eat. She asked what and why; I’d let Guru Ji know and come. He says class is going on, so don’t disturb him, and hear the ghungroo sound.

Brij admires Jhanak’s talent and believes she is truly blessed. However, I am unable to accept her due to societal expectations. If people were to find out, my reputation would be at stake. Therefore, I should keep my distance. Arshi suggests taking a break, but Anirudh is too hungry to stop now. He urges her to join him, but she hesitates, stating that she prefers 5-star hotels over other places. Despite her reservations, he insists and promises they will return within an hour. She expresses her feelings of neglect, noting how often his time is divided among others instead of spending quality time with her. It’s been so long since we went on a date. Can you even remember when it was?

Anirudh insists that you continue to visit our home regularly. We can have meaningful conversations, eventually marry, and spend all our time together. However, he also understands the need for a break and relaxation. So please come over, but if you cannot, I will go alone while you attend your rehearsals. She urges him to join her. Brij questions her about why she assumes he would give his blessings. She acknowledges his exceptional dancing skills and talents but points out that he is not a good person for insulting her mother. He defends his actions by saying her mother lacked morals and he had to remind her of her place in society. She passionately responds by stating that he does not have the right to speak ill of her mother, who was dear to her heart.

He says she was a curse for me. Why did you come here if you had good self-esteem? Anirudh thinks sorry, Arshi, I don’t want to hide things, but I can’t lie. Arshi says you stay lost these days. He says no. I was wondering if Guru Ji doesn’t give you time. She says no, he’ll give me time. He knows I perform. It is true, he knows I invited him.

She asks about Appu. He says yes, there is a special quota for her; she will sing, and she will get a more prominent stage if fate supports her. Then she asked who the other artist was. He says someone. She asks who. He says I can’t reveal who. Come on, you’re saying I’ll advertise in your office? Tell me. He says it’s not decided yet. He asks about the segment. People drive so recklessly, fools get licenses, really sorry, I’m stressed, I’ll meet you in the café.

She says don’t worry, and you will make everyone happy by bringing Shrishti and Arshi together. He says the entire event should go well. She says yes, everyone will praise you. He smiles and talks about the marriage announcement party. She replies that your parents got costly gifts for me, don’t worry, you’ll get costly gifts too. They both smile.

Brij says, “You’re here because of Anirudh; otherwise, I wouldn’t have let you through the door.” Jhanak responds, “I didn’t know he was bringing me here. I performed to honor his word, but I will never come here again. One day, I will be in your place, and you will be in mine. Then you’ll come to me, and I’ll give you a fitting response. Until then, I won’t see your face.” Brij retorts, “I know everything. You want to use Anirudh to achieve success. He thinks you have talent, but the truth is, you’re nothing. You’re zero.” Jhanak cries.

Anirudh and Arshi arrive at a café. He mentioned contacting his office to let them know he would be an hour late. There is no network inside, so he steps outside to make the call. After speaking with Chotan about Arshi, he instructs him to retrieve Jhanak and call Anirudh back without Brij finding out. Chotan agrees, and Anirudh returns to apologize to Arshi. She insists on treating him and asks what he would like to eat. Anirudh declines, saying it’s been a long day, but she persuades him to order something. Eventually, he settles on a club sandwich.

Jhanak is insulted by Brij. He says Anirudh is mistaken in thinking you have something special within you. See Arshi and Shrishti, who are the real artists. You are the drama queen, just like your mother. She shouts Giri ji at Brij

Chotan calls Anirudh. Anirudh lies to Arshi and asks, “Is the work done?” Chotan, confused, asks, “What work?” Anirudh clarifies, “Did you pick up that parcel?” Chotan replies, “I’m waiting for Jhanak at Guru Ji’s house.” Anirudh says, “Good, call me once you’re in the car.”

Meanwhile, Brij warns Jhanak, “Anirudh has hidden you and brought you here. If you hurt Arshi or Shrishti, it won’t end well for you. I won’t spare you. You don’t know my power. Anirudh may suffer some loss, but your name will be erased. Stay away from him.” Jhanak argues back and then leaves.


When Jhanak sees a sleeping pill bottle, she thinks about suicide. She takes the pills. Bipasha takes her downstairs. Everyone is shocked when they see Jhanak’s condition.

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