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The Scene begins with Jhanak expressing her disapproval towards Guru Ji, stating that he caused the death of her mother. Despite this, she is being asked to seek his assistance. However, Jhanak refuses, citing her self-respect. Anirudh reassures her that she will not be insulted and urges her to come with him. Chotan reminds them of the time constraints and offers to pick up Jhanak later. He then suggests letting Anirudh help her. Unsure of how to handle the situation, Jhanak hesitantly agrees. Anirudh asks Chotan to leave and promises to handle it himself. Curious about his intentions, Jhanak questions him, to which he responds by saying that if she insults him again, he will cut ties with her. He then persuades her to accompany him by mentioning an undisclosed reason for bringing her here.

He receives a call from Arshi. She says you know about my performance on Sunday, so I’m seeking your guidance to perfect my dance. She says okay, I’ll come. Anirudh comes with Jhanak. He asks why you came here. Anirudh says she had some work with you. He asks why you came here. Brij asks what. He says you won’t want to hear it in public. Anirudh says trust me, you will want to listen to it in private.

After dismissing the class, Brij sends the students off. Jhanak then reveals to Brij that Anirudh had deceived her into coming to class by lying. She expresses her anger towards him for insulting her mother and announces some devastating news – her mother has passed away. This revelation takes aback Brij and asks her to clarify how she knows this. Jhanak explains that her mother committed suicide due to the insult she faced from Anirudh on that day. Brij questions Anirudh about his involvement in bringing Jhanak to class, but he denies it. However, he requests 5 minutes of private conversation with Brij to discuss the matter further. Brij agrees and allows him to speak privately with him.

Brij and Anirudh step away from the group. Brij inquires about the girl’s statement, wondering if she knows his status. Knowing the situation, Anirudh hands him a letter and points out the girl’s illiteracy compared to Brij’s literacy. Confused, Brij reads Urvashi’s suicide note and is taken aback by its contents. He questions the validity of the letter and accuses it of being fabricated. Anirudh calmly returns the letter and reminds Brij that Jhanak’s mother is no longer alive to provide evidence, leaving Brij responsible for clarifying doubts. If he cannot produce proof, he threatens to uncover any connection between Urvashi and Brij. Agitated, Brij brings up his impending marriage with Shrishti as a reason for not wanting to deal with this issue. Anirudh explains that his concern lies in seeking justice for Jhanak rather than personal matters.

Brij laughs and denies it. He believes no one will trust this letter. Anirudh agrees, acknowledging Brij’s wealth and power and his students’ reverence for him. Despite these factors and the incriminating letter, Jhanak and I are here. Brij reveals that he brought Jhanak to Kolkata because of this letter; otherwise, he planned to take her to a shelter home. However, Jhanak’s lack of family or social status does not diminish her worth in Brij’s eyes. He stands by her and knows others may dismiss her claims, but not himself. She possesses great self-esteem regardless of what others may say.

Urvashi has raised Jhanak well, and she will never revert to begging. I will not allow her to do so, given her exceptional talent, which runs in her blood from both you and her mother. I intend for her to be taught as a student rather than solely as your daughter. Otherwise, I may have to take the matter to the media and prove the truth to the world. Brij, Anirudh pleads with you…please do not yell at me. Instead, bless Jhanak so that her talent may be recognized and valued. As you know, I have already invited you to my office event where she will perform, and I will proudly introduce her to the world. However, if you are unwell and unable to come, I understand.

Amira says you must see your daughter perform. Jhanak waits outside. She smiles, seeing the ghungroos. Brij says Jhanak is not my daughter. Urvashi blamed me for money. Anirudh says Urvashi is no more. You know your relationship with Urvashi; I know it well; whatever is written in this letter is true; Jhanak doesn’t know it, and you won’t want her to know; this truth should remain between us. I do not want to ruin your feelings, I want her to succeed. Brij says I cannot attend.

Anirudh assures that you will attend the event. Will you make your way there, or shall I offer to pick you up? Brij agrees and promises to accompany her and provide his assistance. Anirudh reminds him that it is not a favor but his responsibility since he has neglected it for years. He urges Brij to respect the student-teacher relationship, as only Jhanak can continue his legacy. Anirudh expresses his anticipation for Brij’s presence and then takes his leave. He advises Jhanak to control her temper and concentrate on her dance rehearsals. Shortly after, Brij arrives and informs Anirudh that he has already discussed the event with their guru, ji. Anirudh instructs them to start rehearsing and allows Chotan to escort Jhanak home. He directs Jhanak’s attention back to her dance practice before leaving himself.

During the Kashmir festival, Brij asked Jhanak to wear the ghungroos. Jhanak cried as she held the ghungroos. She wore the ghungroos. She danced. Brij looked at her and wondered how it could be; she was dancing amazingly and uniquely, and I had seen her perform there. I have many students, but no one has ever touched me with their talent, which is impressive. Despite what Anirudh said, Jhanak is unique, but I can’t accept her; otherwise, everything will end. I will teach her the art if the letter never gets out.


Jhanak cries. She goes to Anirudh and threatens to end her life. Shubh watches. Brij scolds her and instructs her to learn from Arshi and Shrishti. Jhanak goes to Anirudh and threatens to end her life.

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