Mangal Lakshmi 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise as Adit Insults Mangal

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Do you know how girls style these days? Your hair looks like garbage. How dare you come to my friends with such a horrible face and condition? What’s with this saree? How is it? You look like your maid. What makes you different from her? The fact that you had to say you don’t know English showed my friends how illiterate you are. Couldn’t you stay silent? Couldn’t you fix your stupid face in the parlor for today? It was a big day for me. She cries.

She cries. Adit asks why she didn’t go to Somaiya. She says she had work. Somaiya is handling all the decor and food. Pandit ji will do the pooja. What will you do? You only had to greet the guests. Look at your condition. A waiter is more presentable than you.

Mangal, in tears, laments, “How can I stand next to you or introduce you to my friends? Are you even worth it? All you do is embarrass me. I’m exhausted.” She explains, “I was taking care of the food.” He retorts, “Are you even capable of making that food? Somaiya was handling it. You always have excuses to show how inadequate you are. Every woman manages the kitchen. Working women are so smart and well-dressed, with plenty of responsibilities. You’re at home all day but can’t even find the time to fix your appearance. I can’t take you anywhere; you make me a laughingstock.”

You’re dumb. I feel like I married an old woman. My friends mocked you, not appreciating you, so they’re joking. My image was protected for years by you, but you ran it. I wish I hadn’t kept this grah pravesh party or kept you out of it. She said sorry. He replied, “I’m sorry I married you in the first place. I know you’re not going to change.” Mangal cried out. He said he wished he hadn’t married you. I knew you couldn’t change. I would have married any other girl, and she would have learned my ways if I had.

Mangal says I wouldn’t say I like it either. I feel bad. He says you feel bad? I feel bad, and I am embarrassed of you. I can’t bring you in front of anyone. Adit asks where are you singles? She says they’re outside. He says you will only insult me today. She says I tied them in my saree. He pushes them and shouts who ties them like that. She planned to wear them after cooking. She says.

What’s wrong with you? He shoots and says what’s wrong with you? You thought people would say you don’t have any jewelry, and I got this house or sold it for the home. Do you wear them every day? Is there any point in not wearing them today? She says you’re getting me wrong. Mangal says I’m going crazy because of you. He begs him to come downstairs looking like a human. I wish I never married you and disagreed with my mother. He kicks things.

Ishana tells Adit Dadi is calling you downstairs. Adit asks who this is. He says I am coming. He grabs Mangal’s face and says only come downstairs if you look like my wife, or don’t come. He leaves. Mangal cries in her room. She sits down and sobs.

Shanti says Lipika ruined her selfie. Lakshmi took a genuine necklace from Gayatri. Lakshmi asks Akshar where Mangal is. He says I don’t know. Shanti says she has such an expensive necklace. She has trapped them all. You can’t do anything about it. Mangal worries Lakshmi and wonders where she is. Shanti says to Lipika to make lemonade for everyone.

Shanti approaches Gayatri and Karthik, expressing her discomfort with the heat and suggesting that something cold would be refreshing. Kusum then suggests starting the pooja, but Shanti suggests waiting a little longer. However, Kusum reminds them that they are running behind schedule. Later, Lipika brings lemonade but accidentally drops the glasses. Taking this as a sign to proceed, Kusum begins the pooja. The pandit instructs everyone to enter the house with their right foot first, explicitly mentioning that the daughter-in-law should go last. Confused by Mangal’s absence, Kusum asks Adit and Lakshmi for his whereabouts. Adit cannot provide an answer, so Lakshmi searches for him while Kusum urges her to hurry up.

Seeing Mangal crying in a corner, Lakshmi enters Mangal’s room. Didi asks Lakshmi, “Are you okay?” Why are you sitting like this? How is everything going? She thinks everyone must be calling me. I kept sitting here. I’m an idiot. I should go. There’s so much going on. I might ruin something again. I have to do something. Let’s go. Lakshmi asks if everyone is okay. What happened? Mangal says we have to go downstairs. Lakshmi says, “Let me know what happened first.”

Then Adit takes Somaiya to the side and asks what happened. Someone will see. She says it’s an emergency. You need to pay more attention. The food needs to come. It says we gave them the wrong date. They can’t deliver today, she says. He asks what we will do now. She says she tried all the restaurants, and no one can prepare such a large order. Adit recalls insulting Mangal.

How can I go outside with this hair? It looks like a broom. I look terrible. How can I go out with this face? Have you seen the girls these days? They are very well-styled. I need to learn how to style anything. Do I smell bed? Let me fix my face. Is this saree okay? Lakshmi cries and says no, didi. Mangal says I look like a 50-year-old woman. Adit must feel ashamed standing next to me. Lakshmi says don’t say that; Mangal says I look like a maid.

Mangal feels self-conscious about her appearance as she chats with Lakshmi and Lipika. She’s wearing a saree, but she thinks it looks bad on her and makes her look ugly. Despite Lakshmi’s reassurance that it looks good, Mangal is still doubtful. She tries to improve her look by applying Kajal and experimenting with different items, but nothing seems to work. She envies others who always look pretty and regret not wearing a necklace to complete her outfit. Embarrassedly, she recalls appearing with messy hair and sweating in front of guests. It seems like she didn’t live up to Adit’s expectations either.

Lakshmi reassures Didi, “You look stunning.” As Mangal adorns the jewelry, she remarks, “I might have looked good earlier,” but quickly adds, “I still don’t feel confident.” She laments her appearance and worries how her husband Adit would feel standing beside her. “He’s right,” she admits. “I am no match for him.” Lakshmi consoles her, asking, “What’s wrong?” and urging her to snap out of it. Overwhelmed with emotion, Mangal bursts into tears. Lakshmi asks, “What happened?” and tries to comfort her. Mangal reveals their delay has caused tension as they prepare for a big event with many guests attending. Frustrated, she cries, “Nothing should go wrong today!” Worried about Amma’s reaction to their lateness and wanting to know more about Mangal’s distress, Lakshmi promises not to let her go until she explains everything.

Shanti arrives and inquires about the situation. She questions the reason for preventing Mangal from going downstairs, as it may result in her getting scolded by her mother-in-law. Kusum is fuming and searching for Mangal, seemingly targeted by someone. Akshar interjects, reminding them that Mama Dadi is waiting for Mangal downstairs. In a stern tone, he warns against mistreating Mangal and tells them to act appropriately. However, Mangal defends herself, claiming that she is not at fault. Shanti asks if she has been crying, to which Mangal denies it and assures her that she is okay. Akshar then informs her that Mama Dadi needs her presence immediately. However, Mangal hesitates because Adit’s words urging her not to appear like his wife while going downstairs.

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