Mangal Lakshmi 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Tensions Rise Between Adit and Mangal

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 18th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Adit and Somaiya also come to the restaurant. It’s crowded. Lakshmi didn’t see them, and she asked why it was so crowded. Somaiya and Adit wait for their turn. Karthik says we’ll order dessert, too. Mangal says I have to pack, too. All the stuff, Adit. I mean, I have to pack his stuff, too. I am going to help you. Adit and Somaiya find a table. Karthik asked if you didn’t like the food.

It’s weird eating at restaurants. Mangal says no, no. Do you feel strange when you go with Karthik too? Jeju doesn’t take her out often. Mangal says no, we go with kids. Karthik says yes, he should make time for you. Adit gets Somaiya a cake. Lakshmi says you should eat. Mangal calls Adit, and he hangs up. Karthik says he must love the food you cook. Mangal calls Adit.

As Somaiya asks why you bother her, Adit says she doesn’t understand. Mangal thinks he might be with his boss. Karthik says you need to scold him today so he won’t cut your call again. Lakshmi says every husband should be afraid of his wife. Karthik says God protect your husband. Karthik calls Adit. He says he thinks I am always accessible. Adit says I am in a meeting. He hands the phone to Mangal. Adit says Mangal? He notices the restaurant.

I apologize for disturbing you. Mangal asks you if you ate. Karthik brought us to the restaurant. She says Karthik brought us. I must take medicine. Adit asks why you are video-calling me. I have work. I won’t be chilling here like you. Adit looks around and sees them. I hope I didn’t disturb his meeting. I shouldn’t have called him, but Karthik says he’s always angry. Karthik says I’m sorry. You were concerned. He doesn’t value you.

There are differences between people, Mangal says. He is different from the rest. He takes care of me without saying it. Lakshmi says he didn’t even ask how your bruise was. He was in the meeting but didn’t find anything. Karthik says he’s not in charge of the country. Lakshmi and Karthik laugh. Lakshmi thinks he should have stayed. She says Adit is working for us. Karthik says you’re too sweet. Adit says we must go from here. Somaiya says what if they see us? Adit asks what should we do then?

Mangal enjoys the food as Adit suggests sneaking out. Karthik takes care of the bill while Mangal and Lakshmi prepare to leave. Adit and Somaiya manage to sneak out unnoticed. Adit hastily rushes to his car as they exit, and Karthik notices it. However, Lakshmi reminded them of the X-ray they had forgotten at the clinic. Karthik agrees to go back for it. Meanwhile, Adit accuses Lakshmi of putting on a show and trying to spy on him, labelling her useless. Somaiya joins in, mentioning how she relaxed at the restaurant while they had to run around. Adit reassures them with a promise of their favourite cake later on.

Kusum tries to make Akshar eat. The workers pack everything. Kusum says payment? They say we’re already paid. Kusum says Karthik did such a good thing. Mangal was injured, so he arranged this packer company. Gayatri says Karthik helps everyone. He’s a good person. It’s Kusum’s turn to make Akshar eat.. She says I’m trying to make him eat, but he’s making me run around. I’m so tired.

Akshar asks Adit why he doesn’t listen to Dadi. Mangal returns home. Karthik asks how your meeting was. Adit says all the work is done. Mom is serving food and running around the kids. Go upstairs and rest only. He is rude to Mangal. Adit says you should go out again or go for a drive. She apologizes. We went to the hospital. Lakshmi says I sent you a picture, too.

Adit wonders how it could have taken so long, to which Lakshmi explains that she had to take medicine and ended up at a nearby restaurant. Despite her intentions of coming home, Karthik and Lakshmi convinced her otherwise. Karthik questions why she went to an expensive restaurant just for food. Curiously, Lakshmi asks how he knew which restaurant they went to, prompting Karthik to ask if she was there. He says he saw her car, but Adit denies being there. Kusum chimes in, mentioning that he had a meeting, while Gayatri suggests it may have been someone else’s car. Adit agrees with the suggestion, and Lakshmi questions how he knew about the restaurant. In jest, he suggests hiring detectives to keep an eye on him.

In the video call, I could see the restaurant’s name. Mangal keeps calling me with excuses. She called from Karthik’s phone today. Are there more questions, judges? Karthik says you’re overreacting. Kusum says let’s end it. It’s the first time Mangal went out late. Adit asks if the meeting went well. When I am outside this house, everything goes well. Upon entering this house, everything feels wrong.


A delivery boy brings Adit a cake. Adit hesitates and says he ordered the cake, making Lakshmi suspicious. She discovers that Adit is lying and that some girl sent him the cake.

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