Mangal Lakshmi 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Holi Celebrations and Tensions

Mangal Lakshmi

Mangal Lakshmi 29th March 2024 Written Episode Update on

Mangal wishes Papa and Kusum a happy Holi. She says you look great, Mangal. Mangal says the Bhujiya looks so good. Akshar says you promised you would color Papa. Didi was right. You’re scared of him. Mangal says no. Lakshmi gets ready. Lipika says I’m wearing Karthik’s favorite color. She says Mangal gave me this.

Mangal gave the other one to Lipika. Shanti says no, Lipika will wear the light blue one. Shanti says to Lipika, this is Karthik’s favorite color, so make your video go viral.

She wishes Adit a happy Holi. He says I brought organic color packets yesterday. Where are they? She says to the table. Adit wishes happy holi to his friends and kids. Akshar says Mama put color on Mama. He is feeling good. As Mangal reaches for Adit with color, Adit shoves her back. “What are you doing Mangal?” he asks.

Kusum says she will color you first as your wife. Mangal, take it. Adit says things will get ruined in the new house. Adit recalls Somaiya telling him she would color him first. Adit asks why we shouldn’t go to Gayatri’s house first and then play. Mangal agrees. We should go to Gayatri’s place.

The party starts at Karthik’s place, where he reminds Jiya to arrive promptly. This will be her first time meeting his mother, so he hopes she can make a good impression and win over his mom. Knowing her well, Karthik stresses the importance of punctuality. Jiya assures him she will dress to impress but wonders why he is so fearful of his mother. She decides to help him overcome this fear. Requesting thandai, Jiya plans for Gayatri to witness her son’s love for her today. However, when Gayatri scolds her servants for bringing bhaang (an intoxicating drink), Jiya quickly reiterates that they will not have such substances present. Karthik ensures his friends know not to drink at the party and keeps such items discreetly hidden.

Lipika prepares while Shanti invites Lakshmi to join them on the bus as they take the cab. Lakshmi expresses concern about being late, but Shanti dismisses it, saying no one will care. Upon arriving, Gayatri warmly greets Kusum and her family. Kusum offers her bhujiya as a gift. Karthik then welcomes Adit inside, but he declines, citing a phone call he must answer first. Somaiya calls Adit and scolds him for not being there yet. Apologetic, Adit explains that he is currently stuck and it may be challenging to get out. However, Somaiya insists that she will still apply color to him before anyone else does. Adit suggests postponing this for another day when he can ensure he won’t get any color on him, but before he can finish his sentence, she hangs up on him. This leaves Adit worried about how to handle the situation.

During Holi, Shanti tells Lipika to give Gayatri this kanji and tell her you made it. Akshar plays Holi with Karthik. Adit keeps calling Somaiya. She doesn’t pick up. Mangal asks if it is okay to use your phone to call Lakshmi. He says to use your phone. I am waiting to make an important call. He asks who? She says she lost her phone at home. She says she was worried about Lakshmi. Sorry to disturb you. I will take Mom’s phone.

The song rang Lageya plays as Lakshmi tells Mangal she’s on her way. Karthik throws color at Akshar. It falls on Lakshmi. She asks if this is how you welcome your guests. He says, don’t mind, it’s Holi. I’m happy I started your holiday. Lakshmi Sas, I feel like you have a misunderstanding. Mangal is waiting for you inside, he says.

He says to keep a bit of distance from us. If Maa sees us, she will be angry. Jiya says happy Holi baby. She says, but we’re friends too. He says, but we need to be careful. I’ll talk to her about the wedding, but I must befriend Maa so she likes you. In her heart, she says your mom will know how much she loves me today.

You have to apply color to papa. Ishana says you promised us. Mangal asks the kids to eat first. Akshar says you didn’t play at all. Ishana says you promised us. Lakshmi hugs Mangal. Lakshmi says Karthik threw the color on me. When Mangal and Lakshmi play Holi together, Kusum is happy. She says that when they’re together, they’re pleased. They remind me of Gayatri, our childhood.

After marriage, both sisters will be distant from each other. That’s what I’ve heard, but Kusum says you always hear the wrong things. Kusum tells a guest about her daughter-in-law Mangal and her sister Lakshmi. Mangal made my house a home, and Lakshmi will do the same for me.

Mangal says the kids challenged me to apply color to Adit first. Lakshmi says that’d be great, and I’d like to see that, too. Adit keeps calling Somaiya, so Mangal approaches him with color.

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