Maati Se Bandhi Dor 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Vaiju and Ranvijay’s Meeting

Maati Se Bandhi Dor

Maati Se Bandhi Dor 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

Kaveri starts the episode by saying, “I’m very happy for you, Vaiju.” They dance. Aai gets sad. Vaiju thinks of Ranvijay and smiles. Dheeme dheeme….plays… Jaya thinks of him and cries. She gets a call from Vaiju. Vaiju says, “I agree with you and am giving myself a chance.” Ranvijay will meet tomorrow. Jaya says, “You should be happy.”

Seeing as I have high hopes this time, Vaiju says you must come for my sake, which is why I feel scared. Jaya says I have so much work here that I can’t go. Vaiju tells Jaya to finish her job and come, otherwise, I won’t meet him. Jaya says fine, I’ll come tomorrow. Vaiju is delighted. Vasundara asks Ranvijay to talk to Vaiju honestly and remember it is his decision. He is not under pressure.

It’s my responsibility to prevent him from making a big mistake. He is heartbroken and drunk, so he comes home drunk. Rao Sahab asks Ranvijay not to hurry with the alliance, think well, and marry the one he loves. But she doesn’t like me. Rao Sahab asks if you’ll marry anyone. Vasundara says it’s up to you. He takes their blessings and leaves. He says he’s just meeting Vaiju, don’t worry, I’ll think and decide.

Kaveri makes arrangements. Jaya comes and hugs Vaiju. She makes tea and thinks I must get rid of all my clothes, paintings, and stuff before Ranvijay shows up. She clears everything from the shelves and racks. She sees her pics. Vaiju hugs her and says that he has to work. Jaya says I’ll make tea for you, and you can take it outside. Vaiju says it has less sugar. Jaya says he takes just one teaspoon of sugar.

Vaiju seeks clarification on Jaya’s knowledge. She explains that people from the city tend to use less sugar in their tea. Vaiju expresses her fear and asks for Jaya’s support. However, Jaya declines the request. Kaveri inquires about Jaya’s statement. Jaya clarifies that they will not be staying here, but instead, Vaiju and Ranvijay should have some privacy by going to the temple. Aai objects to this plan, but Jaya insists it is necessary for Ranvijay’s sake. Vaiju reassures Jaya of her strength. Meanwhile, Jaya worries that Ranvijay must not find out about their sibling relationship. Kaveri agrees with Jaya’s suggestion to go to the temple. Finally, Jaya assures Vaiju not to worry.

Jaikant says I will come and apologize to Vaiju, and I have made many mistakes. Ranvijay says you can come later, and I will leave later, so there are no arguments now. As he leaves, Jaikant looks on. He becomes angry. He claims Ranvijay didn’t take me along; otherwise, I would have done a drama and ended this alliance. His mother tells him to calm down. She asks how Ranvijay agreed to marry that girl and Vaiju will be the bahu. Vaiju rehearses talking to Ranvijay.

Then Ranvijay arrives. She welcomes him. Jaya prays for Vaiju and says, “I promise I am ready to let go of him, even though I have much pain, but I can tolerate this for Vaiju.” She says my photos are still on the wall, which Ranvijay will see. Vaiju receives the gift from Ranvijay. He says Aai sent it to him. After removing his shoes, Vaiju steps on the cow dung.

Spreading cow dung on the lawn keeps it cool and mosquitoes away, so it’s helpful for us to sit. He asks Jaya about her family. Vaiju says they’ve gone to the temple. He asks if you’d like tea, juice, or biscuits. He says tea. She goes for tea. Jaya sees Ranvijay. He turns to see. He thinks it smells like Jaya’s perfume. He enters the house.


Vaiju asks if you want sugarcane juice. Ranvijay says no. He says your habits match my mother’s.

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