Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 8th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Emotional Turmoil and Family Drama

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai -

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hain 8th February 2024 Written Episode Update on

As the episode opens, Sanjay greets Dadi and tells her about his Mussoorie trip. Dadi asks why he went there. Sanjay says it was about a property. Madhav and Manoj taunt him, saying he was there for Yuvraj. Abhira hears the argument. Dadi tells him to stop it, Sanjay said why he went there, enough Manoj, let it go. After getting the iron, Abhira notices Ruhi ironing the shirt and asks her why she is doing it.

He is getting late, so I’m helping him. Abhira argues. Ruhi says you can’t talk to my friend badly. Armaan says it’s okay. Abhira says everyone is getting late. Go iron everyone’s clothes. Abhira says mind your work. Armaan says enough, Abhira, stop talking nonsense. Abhira asks Ruhi to leave.

Abhira says I’m done, I’m going. She takes the kachoris and says Manish sent them to me. Ruhi says I’ve taken one. I’m a member of this family, and Armaan has been my husband for one year. He goes. Abhira argues with Armaan. She says Ruhi is special to you. He says I don’t want to talk, I did something wrong with her, I don’t want anything to happen to her. Abhira thinks I will show my maturity.

Manish brings Kachoris for VP. Suwarna asks if he can eat the deep-fried kachoris. VP replies that he’s tired of eating salad. Manish and VP reminisce about their college days, mentioning their friend Aparna. VP recalls writing poetry for her, while Manish jokes that VP used to eat his kachoris. Manish leaves to get more kachoris. Suwarna thanked the VP, saying that Manish smiled today because of him. VP reassures her, saying he will bring back the old MG.

Abhira sings while Armaan gets ready. He asks where the buttons are. Abhira asks what you will do with the TV remote button. Aryan looks on. Armaan asks why you took my shirt buttons off. Aryan laughs and leaves. Abhira says Ruhi ironed the shirt. I’ll call her, now I’ll go. Manisha laughs when Aryan tells her Abhira has hidden Armana’s shirt buttons.

Dadi says I thought she troubled us, she did not spare her husband either, she behaved like a child. Vijay says I’ll help Armaan. Madhav says it’s their matter; they fight but care for one another. In addition, Manisha says, “I’ll take off Manoj’s shirt buttons and fix it. It’s so romantic.”

Upon reaching Armaan, Ruhi says, “It’s important for you; you have to reach in 30 minutes.” She gives him the buttons and says, “Do it yourself, be careful.” He thanks her. His finger gets pricked. He worries for him. She stitches the buttons. Armaan recalls Abhira’s words. She says don’t worry, I won’t let you get late.

He makes her away and says we should stay separate, away. She says our relationship won’t break, and it’s not so weak. He says he’s seen strong relationships end, and life’s taught me love always loses. You can’t help me; you have to understand. Her heart doesn’t understand, but I do. He says you have to make it known and try harder. She asks if I don’t deserve happiness. He replies that you do, but you have to find your joy, I cannot assist you.

Armaan took a stapler. She stopped him. She asked why couldn’t he help, you don’t love me anymore, or do you love Abhira anymore. He replied, “No, why did you ask this?” I am not Abhira’s enemy, I know she is alone, but you did not show courage for our relationship. My entire life has become a question, and it hurts me very much; Abhira is more than your love, and I don’t understand why you didn’t show courage in our relationship.

VP guides Manish through the fair, and Manish responds with laughter and a warm embrace. Curious about their plans for the event, Manish asks what they will do there. VP explains that anyone over 40 years old can be invited. Excited by the idea, Manish suggests inviting their Samdhis (in-laws). Surekha playfully teases Dadi, and Manish agrees to ask them as well. Ruhi speaks up, pointing out how when it comes to Abhira, Manish is quick to defend her, but when it’s about them, he backs down. She questions him on his actions and clarifies that she feels taken for granted. Overwhelmed with emotion, she walks away in tears.


Yuvraj comes to Udaipur. Abhira is at the café. He beats a man. He says to Abhira, “I have come.”.

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