Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 29th November 2023 Written Episode: Ishan’s Encounter with Reeva and Savi’s Concern


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It shocks Ishan to see Reeva standing before him. She says she misses him so much that she searched for him throughout the entire college and then made an announcement when she couldn’t find him. She says she loves him and hugs him tightly. Ishan tries to reciprocate but stops recalling her leaving him.

Ayush tells his team that Chintu is lucky that a girl is proposing to him on the mic. Durva says she looks like an uncultured villager proposing equally uncultured Guddu. Ishan and Reeva call each other Chintu and Guddu, according to Anvi. The friends ask Durva what they’re gossiping about, and Durva says nothing important. She walks away.

A friend of Savi insists she peeks into Ishan’s cabin and finds out who is proposing to Chintu in Ishan’s cabin. She says Ishan will blast the girl because he stormed on her for entering his cabin without permission.

According to her friend, Shukla informs Savi that Ishan wants her to take the Honors in Econometrics book from his cabin. Savi is now able to enter the cabin. Ishan pushes Reeva away and asks who she is. She is shocked and asks him to stop joking as she leaves everything and returns for him. Ishan asks her to leave his cabin, but Reeva refuses.

Durva stops Savi when she is about to knock on Ishan’s cabin door. Savi counters Durva by asking if she is here to watch the Chandrayan II launch. Durva replies that this is her college and her brother’s cabin. The college receives government funding, and this cabin is not her brother’s but the institute’s director’s. Savi came here to sensationalize the issue since she says it is a student’s college.

Angry, Durva stops Anvi and asks Savi what book she needs. Savi says Honors in Econometrics. Anvi thinks she’ll get it and sends Savi and her team away. After opening Ishan’s cabin silently, Durva and Anvi discover that Reeva is not there. Navya peeks behind them and asks where the announcement girl is.

In dragging Reeva outside the college, Swanand claims he brought her straight from the airport to meet Ishan, but Reeva openly expressed her feelings for Ishan, her ex. It is Reeva’s present, Ishan, not her ex. Swati asks Reeva if she has met Ishan. Swanand says he was about to kick her out of his cabin when he arrived. Ishan calls security to get Reeva out of his cabin, and he stops him.

Ishan asks him to take Reeva away if he doesn’t want that. He hears someone coming and takes Reeva out of another door. Swati asks Reeva if she is happy with her insult. Ishan is angry because she left him suddenly, so Reeva will continue visiting him until he accepts her.

Savi’s peers eagerly anticipate Ishan’s lecture and speculate about his whereabouts; after all, he has never missed a lecture in three years. In the midst of this, Harini contacts Savi and urges her to come home immediately. Concerned, Savi asks if her in-laws have caused trouble again, to which Harini responds with a negative. Upon arriving at her friend’s place, Harini reveals that Azoba Ninad’s health is deteriorating rapidly, and Ashwini Aaji is on a pilgrimage. Worried, Savi suggests calling Bhavani Aaji for assistance, but Harini advises against it as Ninad does not remember anything, and Bhavani may not answer the call.

As Harini leaves, she reflects on the time spent with Azoba and walks on the road. Ishan drives a car lost in Reeva’s thoughts and brakes just before crashing into Savi. Ishan gets out of the car and asks Savi if she is okay. She asks what happened to him and why he drove on the wrong side today and skipped lectures. Ishan says he didn’t notice and invites her to a coffee.

She agrees and gets into his car. He drives past the cafe, alerting her. He reverses his car back, and they both enter the cafe. He asks Savi to tell her parents’ story. She says she already did. He asks him to tell more. Savi begins the story. He shouts no… apologizes to everyone. Savi asks if he is fine. The boy says yes and walks away, paying for the coffee. Savi wonders why he behaves like that today.


Ishan hears Surekha calling out to Reeva to leave. Reeva swears to revive her relationship with Ishan. Ishan returns the gifts she has given him.

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