Main Hoon Saath Tere 15th May 2024 Update: Aryaman Stays, Janvi Learns Cricket, Shocking Revelation!

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 15th May 2024 Written Episode Update on

Aryaman tells Pushkar that he is staying in the house and that the shoes belong to him. Aryaman explains that he is a trainee at the hotel where Janvi works. He adds that some goons attacked Janvi, and Kian called him for help, so he will stay the night to protect them. Due to Aryaman’s status as Janvi’s brother, Pushkar refuses to remain there, but intimidated by Aryaman, Pushkar backs away, slips, and falls. Aryaman comments, and Pushkar leaves.

Kian praises Aryaman for handling Pushkar well. Janvi puts Kian to sleep and tells Aryaman he should sleep on the sofa, to which he agrees. Aryaman asks Janvi why Pushkar hates her, but Janvi tells him to stay out of her life and walks away. He decides to stay here as he suspects Janvi knows something about Brij Bhushan’s attack.

Upon arriving in Janvi’s neighbourhood, Dadaji and Muralidhar search for Aryaman but do not find him. Through the window, Dadaji spots Kian’s Dadi sleeping. Dadi wakes up to see Dadaji staring at her, prompting Muralidhar to take Dadaji away immediately. Reva comments on Dadi complaining that a man was staring at her through the window.

In Kian’s diary, Janvi sees that he needs to improve his cover drive, so she decides to learn it. In the morning, Aryaman wakes up and sees Janvi practising the cover drive. He realizes she’s doing it for Kian and offers to teach her. Kian wakes up to see Aryaman teaching Janvi the cover drive. Janvi thanks Aryaman for the excellent teaching.

Over the phone, Raina asks Prince to repeat exactly what she said to him before him. Prince agrees. Kian begs Prince not to do it and offers to teach him how to play. Prince tells his friend that he won’t get to play because Raina will fire Janvi.

Later, Kian teaches Prince how to play. He wants to learn quickly, so Kian suggests learning from MD. Prince asks Kian to take him to MD. Kian introduces Prince to Aryaman. When Raina finds out Kian sat in her car, she asks the driver to spray it twice a day for three days. Aryaman is referred to as “Mamu” by the Prince. Kian talks to Janvi, who asks Ritu to handle him. Janvi wonders why Prince calls Aryaman “Mamu.”

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