Main Hoon Saath Tere 4th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Aryaman Uncovers Evidence Against Sadhu

Main Hoon Saath Tere

Main Hoon Saath Tere 4th June 2024 Written Episode Update on

After Swapna assures Raina and Sadhu that no one is around, they stop hiding in the car. Sadhu asks Raina why she’s afraid of a trainee, and Raina reveals that the trainee is Aryaman Bundela, surprising him. Sadhu disagrees with Raina, saying Aryaman hasn’t seen him and Swapna together. He also praises Raina’s plan.

Sadhu’s plan involves marrying Janvi and putting her in jail for the escort service racket at their hotel. As Raina exits the car, Sadhu promises Swapna he will marry her once Janvi resolves the matter. He gives Swapna a gold chain as a promise. Sadhu then plans to make Kian beg on the streets.

Despite Kian’s refusal to answer, Janvi makes a remedy for him. Aryaman notices Kian’s discomfort and asks what’s wrong. Kian admits he feels stomach pain whenever he hides something and wants to tell Janvi the truth. Aryaman convinces Kian that sleeping will relieve the pain, and Kian agrees.

As Janvi talks to Aryaman, he reassures her that Kian is sleeping and she shouldn’t worry. Aryaman notices Janvi’s ruined mehendi and helps her reapply it. In the game, Aryaman discovers she is being forced into marriage. Aryaman vows to stop the engagement.

After arriving at the Bundela mansion the next day, Brij Bhushan asks Aryaman to take Alia around the city after Raina recommends Aryaman. Aryaman agrees and later questions Raina about her recommendation. Raina admits she expects him to fail and is looking forward to it. Aryaman leaves with a sarcastic comment.

Janvi asks Kian if he’s feeling unwell, and he confirms. Aryaman had earlier asked Kian to hold off on the engagement so he could gather evidence against Sadhu. Kian agrees.

After seeing Kian’s condition, she tells Dadi and Reva she won’t go through with the engagement. Pushkar mocks Janvi and scares Kian by saying the doctor will give him a large injection if he’s sick. When Kian stops pretending to be ill, Janvi continues preparing for the engagement. Pushkar tells him to look happy, and Kian calls Aryaman to let him know he can’t stall the engagement.

Aryaman runs into Swapna and shows Alia the city. He tries to catch her, but she pepper sprays him and escapes, dropping the gold chain Sadhu gave her. Aryaman picks up the chain and finds out it’s the chain Dadi gave Sadhu, so he stops the engagement because there is enough evidence against Sadhu.

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