Teri Meri Doriyaan 3rd March 2024 Written Episode Update: Angad Discovers Seerat’s True Intentions


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Seerat informs Angad that she came to this place for a peaceful life, but fate brought him to her. He then interrupts, accusing her of being dramatic and questioning why she didn’t find Sahiba or call an ambulance when she could bring him home. Seerat stands firm in her statement, whether he believes it or not, and states that she would have helped anyone in need. She offers him an herbal paste for his injuries, which he rejects, attempting to get up and visit Sahiba. However, he realizes that his legs are injured and paralyzed.

The Brar family becomes anxious when they cannot reach Angad and Sahiba by phone. Inder reassures them that the couple is responsible and there must be a problem. Garry informs them that their driver, Shiva, is on his way and will update them on Angad and Sahiba’s whereabouts. Angad questions Seerat about what she did to his legs since he remembers injuring his head but not his feet. Seerat suggests that maybe his legs were hurt by a vehicle after the accident. He urgently asks her to call a doctor. However, Seerat points out that due to the heavy snowfall, it may not be possible to reach anyone by phone. She promises to get him medicine and some food in the meantime.

Sahiba searches for Angad and recalls someone taking him away. She follows in her footsteps and finds Angad’s shoe. Shiv visits Brars and lies that Sahiba forced him to be admitted to a hospital, paid for the bill, and took Angad away. Manveer sends him out and shows Sahiba’s signed bill. Gurleen says Sahiba wants revenge on them, so he takes Angad somewhere. Manveer says Sahiba will do whatever it takes, but he will never harm Angad. Everyone looks at her, shocked.

For the first time, Prabjot says she is supporting Sahiba; did she accept her as her daughter-in-law? Manveer says she didn’t say that but knows Sahiba will never harm Angad. Sahiba won’t send evidence against herself; the driver is lying. According to Inder, the hospital has no Shiva patient, and the bill is a fake.

Garry brings Shiva inside and slaps him, demanding the truth. After hesitating, Shiva confesses that he received a call instructing him to abandon Angad and Sahiba and frame Sahiba for it. He reveals that he was paid a large sum to carry out this plan. Garry asks where he left them, expressing concern for their safety. Hansraj reminds Garry of his past mistreatment towards Angad and Sahiba. Garry acknowledges this but insists on helping them now that they are in danger. The rest of the family agrees with his decision. Seerat brings toast and tea for Angad, but he declines to have it. She tries to convince him with her lies, causing the drama to continue…


Manveer, Jasleen, Prabjot, and Gurleen save Sahiba from goons by changing Angad’s face and identity.

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