Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2024 Written Episode Update: RV and Monisha’s Jail Drama

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Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2024 Written Episode Update on worldofentertainment.in

The scene begins with the Inspector inquiring about RV’s marital status. RV denies being married. Poorvi reflects on her error and wonders if RV knows his boundaries, but she should have considered it beforehand. She expresses concern about the situation between RV and Monisha. RV confronts the Manager for bringing the Inspector and threatens to take legal action. Poorvi arrives at that moment. The Manager reveals that she is RV’s wife, leaving Monisha stunned. Poorvi is taken aback upon seeing the Police there. The Inspector presents evidence that RV was with someone else in the room while his wife was outside.

RV urges the Inspector to watch his language and conduct. The inspector retorts that RV is engaging in the unbecoming behavior of someone who is supposed to teach him manners. RV then instructs him to keep quiet while Poorvi pleads for the Inspector to calm down and for RV not to respond. However, RV insists she remains silent and not interfere. The Inspector chides RV, asking if this is how he speaks to his wife. He then tells the constable to arrest RV. In defense, RV mentions his prestigious family background. Still, the Inspector dismisses it, recalling a similar family at a hotel and ordering RV’s immediate arrest and transfer to the police station. Anxious about the potential consequences if her grandparents were to find out about this incident, Poorvi begins worrying until RV assures her that he will contact his family himself.

Poorvi asks the Inspector not to arrest her husband. The inspector says what kind of wife are you? You’re saving your worthless husband who sent you outside and was with someone in the room. Poorvi says she went herself. Poorvi doubts her. The inspector asks the Constables to arrest RV and this girl. Monisha asks why me? The inspector says we saw what you were doing here. Monisha thinks she’ll change. Inspector asks Lady Constable to go with her.

RV becomes concerned about Poorvi, and he asks why he allowed Monisha to stay in his room for so long if he is right. Monisha thinks they should be jailed, and then they will know if they sleep on the floor. She tells the Lady Inspector she didn’t know who she brought and asks her and the constables to apologize to her before the time runs out. She says we made a mistake bringing you here.

The constables and Inspector laugh at Monisha’s request to leave RV and her. The constable says Madam, we had made a mistake because you would have to go to the mental asylum. She says that they are laughing because you are mad. She says you went to a married man’s room, and now you are threatening us with your money. The constables take her to a cell, and Monisha yells, “Leave me alone!”.

The inspector says RV didn’t do anything. RV says he didn’t. The inspector asks him to handle his character. He says your shirt button was open, and the girl was on the bed. Someone informed him. RV doubts Poorvi and thinks she must have called the Inspector to see Monisha, but he thinks he won’t forgive her. The inspector tells him he will write that he was caught in a foul position with someone else. Your arrogance will be jailed, he says.

Vikram compliments Deepika’s beauty before attempting to get closer to her. She swiftly pushes him, causing him to tumble onto the bed. He explains that he wants to embrace her and suggests Monisha join them for bedtime starting tomorrow. As he exits the room, Deepika questions her actions. Realizing she hasn’t heard from Monisha, she dials her number. A woman answers, identifying herself as Inspector Surekha and asking who Deepika is. Thinking quickly, Deepika claims to be Monisha’s sister and requests to speak with her. The inspector confirms her identity as Monisha and informs Deepika that she is an inspector herself.

Your call came, the constable tells RV. RV takes the call and thinks it must have come from home. Poorvi calls. Poorvi asks how he feels in jail and how you feel sleeping on the floor. RV asks her if she has done this. She says no and asks why you let Monisha stay in your room for so long. RV says you got me arrested on our honeymoon. Poorvi says she came at someone’s request.

RV states that he now comprehends that it was her plan; she spotted Monisha and promptly called the police. He requests her assistance in getting him out of jail. Poorvi pretends not to hear him. RV declares that he will teach her a lesson upon his release. She questions what lesson, whether it is about how he brought someone else into their honeymoon suite. She retorts that he can do as he pleases, as she is pretty content with the comfortable and plush bed and wishes to rest well. She asserts that his inflated ego and arrogance will soon come crashing down to reality. In the meantime, RV accidentally injures himself. Poorvi instructs him to ask Monisha for some ointment for his hand and urges him to get some sleep.

When Deepika reaches the PS, the Inspector asks why he arrested Monisha. Inspector says you are her sister. He says he will tell you the truth and that I have caught her in a compromising situation with a married man. Monisha says it is a personal matter for them. Apparently, Rajvansh was doing wrong in the hotel, and he had brought girls into the room, and we caught them in a shameful position with him.

The Inspector says you will know about your sister as we caught her red-handed. Deepika says my sister isn’t bad. He says you’re arrogant, like your sister. Deepika says she belongs to a prestigious house and threatens him. She thinks Maa will not leave her if she knows. She asks the Inspector to leave RV and Monisha and says Monisha had no wrong intention, RV is her brother-in-law, and Monisha is her sister.

The inspector says you threatened me, but you are polite now. He says you and your sister are arrogant and mannerless. Deepika says I ask you to let them go. The inspector asks if you’re the judge or got an order from the court if I brought them here to roam. Deepika thinks everyone will know RV is jailed because he told her to bring the lawyer to bail them out.

Harleen tells everyone that Deepika called and told them RV and Monisha were both in jail. Dadu asks what Monisha is doing there. Harleen says the house was raided, and then… Harman says he will talk to his lawyer, but he doesn’t understand what Monisha was doing there when RV went on his honeymoon.

Dadu asks Dadi where Poorvi was then. Vikram says this was cooking between the sisters. Harleen says we will go. Dadu asks Dadi to call Poorvi and ask how she is. Poorvi picks up the phone. Dadi asks if RV is in jail. Poorvi says yes. Dadi says we’ve sent you both. She tells her to go bail RV out.


Monisha tells Poorvi that she will not let anyone play with the RV. Poorvi tells RV that only his wife can save him.

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