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Dida requests Pallavi to stop, telling her that she cannot run and will fall. Pallavi asks if Ranbir is here? Dida confirms and says, “Yes, your son told me that he keeps you safe here.” She expresses her concern, sensing that something is amiss. Dida acknowledges that her son loves her deeply but is still not prepared to come back home. Pallavi wonders why he didn’t call her despite the situation.

Dida says Ranbir said you wouldn’t go there, so you must obey him and pushes her into the boutique. Pallavi says she will not listen to anyone, not even you. She says she’ll go home with Ranbir and everything will be fine and smiles. Mihika and Divya are scared and check the network. Prachi arrives and tells us that she saw Divya being caught by the robbers.

Divya shares that Ranbir saved her, but he is still stuck in the situation. She mentions that there is no network, making communication impossible. Prachi explains that they can’t contact anyone because the device is jamming the network.

Mihika volunteers to go and rescue Ranbir, but Prachi insists on going instead. Mihika appreciates Prachi’s concern for her but explains that she is willing to take the risk to save Ranbir because he has always been there to help her. Divya agrees, stating that Ranbir has also saved her, so now it’s her turn to return the favor.

As Prachi says, “Oh well, come along with me.” The robbers ask the salesgirl about the Manager and say we won’t go home until he comes here, and will even bring him from the grave. He says we won’t leave without taking anything. Prachi, Mihika and Divya see Ranbir at gunpoint. He asks him to help them, if they want to go home fast and bring the manager here. A trolley is accidentally pushed, alerting the robbers.

As Prachi, Divya, and Mihika take cover in the shop, the robber eventually leaves. When they cautiously step out, they encounter the same robber again, who points a gun at them. In a swift and courageous move, Prachi pushes a trolley towards him, while Divya hurls another trolley in his direction. Just then, more robbers arrive on the scene.

Meanwhile, Ranbir, who was being held at gunpoint, seizes an opportunity and manages to strike the robber who was threatening him with the gun. The situation becomes intense as the confrontation between the brave individuals and the robbers escalates.

As the others run, Prachi takes the phone from someone and calls the police. The robber arrives and snatches her phone. He then points a gun at the man who gave her the phone. The man runs away. Akshay tells the staff and customers to let him go or he will inform the robbers that they are in town.

In the trial room, Akshay and Abhay emerge. Abhay tells him to keep his anger in check. The robber brings Prachi in and scolds the other robbers for letting her out. The salesgirl tries to leave, but the robber shoots her, shocking everyone. Their boss, the robber, informs everyone that anyone who doesn’t cooperate will be killed.

After asking them for their jewellery and money, he asks Prachi to give her mangalsutra. Prachi refuses. The robber asks his men to kill her. He tries to snatch the mangalsutra. As she is in danger, Ranbir runs there. Prachi asks why he came. Ranbir jokes. Prachi says she will break the robber’s hand. He asks Prachi to give mangalsutra to him.

The robber asks Prachi to give her mangalsutra. Ranbir says it is not of my name, so it doesn’t matter to me. You have fasted so many times for me, but we weren’t together for seven births. Prachi says you know what it means to me, and then also saying this. He tells Prachi that there will be six more robbers with the robber, and asks Prachi what your strategy will be to fight them.

Prachi adamantly refuses to hand over her mangalsutra to the robber. In a brave attempt to protect her, Ranbir offers his money and cards, stating that they are even more valuable than the mangalsutra. However, the robber insists on taking both, as he is tempted by the precious diamonds in the mangalsutra.

During the struggle, the robber ends up hurting Prachi and holds Ranbir captive. In the chaos, the mangalsutra slips from Prachi’s neck and goes flying. Seizing the opportunity, Ranbir skillfully knocks down the robbers, managing to catch the falling mangalsutra.

With a determined resolve, he fiercely takes on the other robbers, ensuring Prachi’s safety while simultaneously dealing with the criminals who threatened them.

They quickly run and find a hiding spot. Prachi requests Ranbir to release her hand, but he questions her for displaying an attitude, reminding her that he had saved her life. Prachi clarifies that her intention wasn’t to be dismissive.

Meanwhile, Dida spots Prachi and Ranbir together and assumes they are a couple. Upon seeing the approaching goons, Pallavi questions Dida if she knows them. To her astonishment, Dida confirms that she knows the goons. Pallavi is taken aback, saying that Dida had claimed Prachi and Ranbir were together.

Dida asks if you don’t know them. She says even I know them and asks her not to see, as they will see us and we will see them, so they will be in danger. As the robbers approach Prachi and Ranbir, they don’t notice them and go to another side. As Prachi becomes afraid, Ranbir sits closer to him. Rabba Jaanda plays.

Due to his talks, Akshay forgets the way and says this mall is not good. A man runs there and collides with Akshay. Akshay hits the man. The other guy asks him not to beat him or shout because the robbers will come. Akshay and Abhay flee.

Ranbir tells Prachi that she got hurt in her neck. They look at each other. Ranbir told the guy who fought with Akshay that he was still standing. The robber asks if they saw a guy and girl going from here. He is scared and says no. The robber was about to shoot him, but another goon stopped him.


Ranbir inquires from Prachi what the robber wants. The robber menacingly directs Prachi’s attention to another girl, expressing his desire for her. Prachi, feeling overwhelmed, says she doesn’t have an answer.

Seeking clarity, Ranbir asks Prachi if she loves him. In response, Prachi urges him not to behave like he did with Mihika or anyone else. Confused, Ranbir asks, “What did I do?” Prachi pleads with him to change and become someone else.

In a courageous move, Prachi pushes the robber away, attempting to create a distraction. However, the robber soon finds Prachi again and demands that she come with him. The situation becomes increasingly tense and uncertain.

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