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Pandya Store

Pandya Store 31st July 2023 Written Episode Update on

The scene opens with Hetal and Pranali approaching Natasha, requesting the return of the bracelet. Despite their insistence, Natasha stands her ground and refuses to give it back, claiming ownership. They then catch sight of Amrish and leave. Meanwhile, on stage, Chirag and Dolly perform a dance routine before exchanging rings. Amrish watches on with a smile as Chirag contemplates the ring in his hand. Upon Dolly’s request to put the ring on her finger, Chirag glances at his mother who is staring at Pranali. He turns to Dhawal and inquires about the ring, causing Dhawal to appear concerned. However, his attention is soon diverted by a girl dancing on stage. He kisses her hand and takes her ring before presenting it to Chirag. Everyone present witnesses this moment with joy as the media questions Amrish about sponsoring the college fest where the engagement took place. To which he confirms and adds that he did indeed sponsor it. As all eyes continue gazing towards Chirag and Dolly in celebration, Natasha quietly observes from afar before walking away.

Chirag takes Dolly to the banquet hall, promising a fun time. Meanwhile, Dhawal notices Natasha and compliments her dance moves. He then introduces her to his brother as a “free bird.” Intrigued, Natasha expresses her desire to meet him as well. However, they are informed that the function cannot take place due to a short circuit and their money will be refunded. Bhaven agrees to this, but Amrish is more concerned about their ruined party than the money. In an attempt to cheer everyone up, he asks Dolly not to cry and instead smile. He promises to host a lavish wedding party for them. Chirag also encourages Dolly to smile before they leave. On the other hand, Dhawal stops Amrish and shows him Natasha, who has his mother’s missing bracelet in hand. As Amrish thanks Natasha for attending their event, she hands him a bill of 360000rs for sponsoring the college fest as previously claimed in the media. Unfortunately, Maa starts coughing before he can respond further.

According to Natasha, your brother’s engagement took place on our stage and all aspects such as music, sound, and lighting were covered. Suman plans to collect the payment from Rishita. As a result, Dhawal and his family become upset with Natasha. Amrish intervenes and tells Dhawal to calm down. Bhaven chimes in that our guests mistakenly ended up at the wrong location. However, Amrish states that he knows where to allocate funds and suggests they all sit in the car. Maa happily requests the maid for a piece of chocolate and enjoys it. She then turns to Natasha and sarcastically urges her to end the theatrics, taunting that she will ruin her future in-laws’ household.

Natasha and Dhawal engage in a heated discussion. While Natasha defends her mother’s actions, Dhawal brings in his own family member, causing Natasha to warn him not to involve her grandmother. Despite their argument, Amrish watches on without intervening while Suman quietly smiles. Eventually, he urges Natasha’s mother to calm down and join them in the car. However, she insists that they take her bracelet first. In response, Natasha chases after her and demands that they settle the owed amount before anything else. Amrish introduces himself and suggests that she verify with their college trustee. Dhawal confidently declares that everyone in Somnath knows Amrish, but Natasha claims otherwise. This prompts Dhawal to make a sarcastic remark until Shesh and Mittu remind him to stay out of it. Meanwhile, Maa continues to demand her bracelet as Hetal tries to calm her down amid the ongoing dispute. Finally, Suman clarifies that the bracelet actually belongs to Natasha instead of Maa.

Ask anyone about Pandyas, people swear on our family, our Pandya store is famous throughout Somnath.


Natasha receives the papers. Harish calls her and asks her to sign them.

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