Agnisakshi 27th April 2023 Written Update

Agnisakshi 27th April 2023 Written Episode Update on

Rohit’s hired thug spots Jeevika and Satvik at the temple and promptly informs Rohit via phone. Inquiring about his next target, the goon receives instructions from Rohit to eliminate both individuals. As the priest hands Jeevika a kalash filled with vermilion water, he directs them to complete a ritual of circling the Tulsi plant without spilling it. Excusing himself to prepare for the puja, the priest leaves Jeevika and Satvik alone. Jeevika then decides to perform the ritual alone, as she knows their paths are not destined to intertwine forever. Asking Satvik to stand aside, he obliges her request.

Pallavi calls Rajnandhini repeatedly and asks why she’s calling. Rajnandhini plans to find another investor. Pallavi says Jeevika’s medical report is currently at Bhosle’s house and expresses her concern about the family discovering they both knew the truth from the beginning. Pallavi is scolded by Rajnandhini for being unable to hide a medical file. Rao is informed and Pallavi urgently leaves.

It is almost time for Jeevika to fall in the temple. Satvik holds her. Jeevika rudely tells him that she doesn’t need his help. At Bhosle’s house, Juhi tells Rajnandhini that she is seeing her clean for the first time. She tells Ruhi to look for Jeevika’s medical file in Satvik’s room. Juhi leaves. Rajnandhini says she will find the file no matter what.

Rajnandhini visits Satvik’s room in search of a file and is pleased to find Jeevika’s medical records. Just then, Shlok and Aadya unexpectedly arrive. Meanwhile, in the temple, Jeevika spots a goon brandishing a knife at Satvik. In a quick and brave move, she uses the kalash to stop him. She then proceeds to beat up the attacker for trying to harm her husband. Despite Satvik’s efforts to intervene, she continues to defend herself. During this commotion, Shlok questions Rajnandhini about her purpose there, to which she fabricates that she was looking for an office document. Aadya becomes curious about the file in her hand and Rajnandhini claims ignorance about its contents. When Aadya inspects it and realizes it is Jeevika’s medical report, she takes it upon herself to give it to Swara who has come home to collect it. As Jeevika prepares to strike the goon again, Satvik restrains her and calls the police for assistance.

Jeevika is handed her medical file by Aadya. Swara and Shlok argue. Shlok asks Aadya to take Swara with her. Swara and Shlok sit and talk on the phone. Aadya asks if they are talking to each other. Swara and Shlok simultaneously say that can’t happen. Shlok leaves. The goon is arrested here. Satvik thanks Jeevika. He says that until he is with her, no one can harm Satvik.

While Satvik is on the phone with someone, Jeevika quietly takes the aarti plate and performs his puja without his knowledge. Meanwhile, Rajnandhini calls Pallavi to express her anger about Swara being sent to collect Jeevika’s medical reports. Curious, Pallavi asks Sukanya why Swara was sent to Bhosle’s house, and Sukanya explains that she had no other choice. The thought of Satvik and Jeevika’s relationship being impacted by the truth of her medical condition worries Sukanya greatly. Pallavi reassures her that if Pratheep were to find out the truth, he would end their relationship.

After engaging Swara in conversation, Rajnandhini deliberately pours coffee over Jeevika’s medical file. She apologizes to Swara. Just then, Narayan comes and says he was stunned to learn what had happened, which confuses the family. Satvik and Jeevika arrive at home. They say that Satvik doesn’t want to lose his friendship with Jeevika. Jeevika assures him that won’t happen.

Narayan inquired about the well-being of Jeevika and Satvik upon seeing them. Curious, Satvik asked how he was aware of what transpired. Reminding them that the commissioner he contacted is a close acquaintance, Narayan explained the situation. Rajnandhini then inquired about the incident. Narayan revealed that a criminal had attacked Jeevika and Satvik at the temple. Concerned, the family asked Jeevika and Satvik if they were unharmed. Assuring them of their safety, Satvik mentioned that Jeevika had given the attacker a good lesson. Aadya suggested that Satvik may have fought back, to which he replied with gratitude towards Jeevika for saving his life. The family was pleasantly surprised by this revelation.

Rajnandhini suggests finding out the culprits responsible for the attack. Narayan discloses that he already knows, leaving Rajnandhini speechless. Just then, the commissioner arrives on the scene. Narayan introduces Jeevika to him and he announces that they have apprehended the perpetrators. The police escort Rohit and Rao away. Narayan expresses his understanding of Rohit’s motive for seeking retaliation against Satvik but questions why Rao participated. In response, Rao reveals that Rajnandhini was actually the mastermind, leaving everyone shocked.


As Rajnandini says to Papa, he is lying, I didn’t do anything. Jeevika says he’s not lying, Rajnandini is behind everything.

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